TSW Nogaro 5 spoke wheels Saab 9-3, 9-5, NG 900, G6, Cobalt, HHR and others for Sale

Price: $400

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Set of four TSW Nogaro wheels - 18 x 8", 5-110mm, ET40 offset. Hyper Silver with polished, clearcoated lip. I have original SAAB center caps, if that's what you have. If not, the original TSW metal faced caps are still new and in the plastic. I actually started to use them instead, they were so nice - but I do have a Saab. If you win, please be sure to tell me which set you want.

What will they fit? They were on my 2000 Saab Viggen for about 2 years, so Saab 9-3 and 9-5 cars, plus the "new generation" 900's. These wheels use hub centric rings, and there is a set for Saab application as well as a used set of chrome spline tuner bolts and the associated Gorilla wrench.If you don't have a Saab, chances are that you'll need lug nuts, in which case I can leaveout all thatextra shipping weight.Other cars? They will fitGM cars such as Pontiac G6, Chevy HHR/Cobalt, and others with the 5-110 bolt pattern.These are front drive offset wheels.

The wheels are in really nice overall condition.Paintstill very shiny, as are the rims.Zero curb rash, no significant chips or dings. As the condition description says, one fell victim to the Sequester and popped a previously patched pothole enough to bend itafter a rain storm washed out the SCDMV "patch"on my regular route towork. I actually drove with it like that for a week until I figured out that the only immediate fix was to buy another set of wheels, as I could not find another exactly like my set. After getting back onto the road, I had it repaired and repainted, but now had a spare set of wheels.Besides, I was ready for something new...

Look at the photos carefully. The repaired wheel is the one with thelip andside view, and is the one on bottom right in the group photo.I've tried to get as much detail as possible in these images, but if you have questions, please ask.

Shipping will be actual charges to your address. The calculator will get really close, but I will get an actual weight upon boxing them.Speaking of that, I have the boxes my new wheels came in, which have a protective outer box for each set of two wheels. There's a pic of one of the wheels in a box.

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