TRCVW56ELK SuperPro F & R Adjustable End Link Set Volkswagen MK5 & MK6 Golf GTI for Sale

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TRCVW56ELK SuperPro F & R Adjustable End Link Set Volkswagen MK5 & MK6 Golf GTI

SuperPro Front & Rear Adjustable End Link Kit for Volkswagen MK5 & MK6 Platform Vehicles Includes 1 set each of TRC12265and TRC1045L
This combo includes front and rear sets of SuperPro's adjustable end links for VW's Golf, GTI, R32, Golf R, CC, Tiguan, and a range of other vehicles on the shared platform. An anodized center section with etched SuperPro logo is turnbuckle adjustable to add or remove preload and adjust for a range of ride heights. These links also feature heavy duty ball joints, greased and protected by high-temp boots.
What's in the box? 1) Pair TRC12265 Front End Links 1) Pair TRC1045L Rear End Links 1) Fitting/Adjustment instruction sheet
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