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  • 1x T4 Turbo Blanket for above listed applicaiton
  • Color: Chrome/Silver
  • 1x Tie Down Wire

  • Description
    This turbo blanket will fit most all T4 externally wastegated turbo exhaust style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: verdana;">Not sure if this will fit your application or which blanket you need? Call us at 513.696.9727

    Each one of our blankets are hand made right here in the Thermal Zero design and fabrications department of the Cincinnati, Ohio USA location. We design blankets for both OEM and aftermarket applications. Our seamstresses are accustomed to using only the strictest of quality control standards and highest quality products. We refuse to use inferior products in any one of our blankets we produce.

    All Thermal Zero blankets will handle the most extreme heat conditions without failure, fading or coming apart. The Thermal Zero blankets all are made to handle internal continuous operating temperatures of 2400º Fahrenheit without an issue. The 2400ºF internal standard we maintain is over twice the heat rating that is issued from overseas Chinese Taiwan competition (only 800ºF) and a third higher than the rest (only 1832ºF). Purchase the right blanket the first time or be left with a melted mess on your hands...

    use a turbo blanket? Turbos get very hot as we all know. Sometimes they get so hot they can melt electronics and effect the paint on the hood! This is the best, easiest, and most inexpensive way to keep your turbo from causing any damage to the rest of your car. Turbo heat blanket isolates your turbocharger from the engine compartment, keeping the superheated air where it belongs. Insulating the turbo also keeps exhaust gases moving quickly, improving turbo response and retaining boost pressure which helps to make horsepower.

    Zero heat temp ratings:
    Max temp rating (interior): 2600ºF - 1427ºCContinuous Use Rating (interior): 2400ºF - 1316ºC
    Max direct contact temp (exterior): 1000ºF - 538ºCMax radiant temp (exterior): 1700ºF - 927ºC
    What are Thermal Zero Turbo Blankets made out of?:
    - 1" Ceramic Insulation Rated at 2400º F.
    - Stainless Steel Knitted Wire Mesh Inner Liner.
    - Stainless Steel Lacing Anchor and Wire Fastening system

    We welcome bulk purchases for better pricing. Send me a message about how many you are interested in purchasing.

  • Thermal Zero Turbo Blankets come in Black Silver, Chrome, Blue, and Red!
    Check my Store!

  • About Us
    At Thermal Zero we specialize in creating custom designed performance heat insulation products. Our Cincinnati, Ohio facility is equipped with the abilities to produce high quality removable heat insulation products which are designed, produced and dyno tested all in the same place. We strive for quality customer support while at the same time offering only top quality products at the best prices. We are always happy to hear from our customers. Feel free to send us comments or suggestions for future products or even pictures of your engine setups with our products installed. We are always happy to hear from our customers!

    Warranty Information
    This product comes with a 1 (one) year warranty against manufacturing defects that may occur while the blanket is in use on the turbo of the vehicle. The warranty does not cover any installation errors, consumer neglect or misuse. Defective turbo blanket must be sent back to us at buyers expense. After receiving the defective turbo blanket it will be inspected and either repaired or we will ship you a new one.

    Return Policy
    This product is eligible for a 14 day return or exchange. If buyer is unsatisfied with our product, as long as the blanket or wrap has not been used installed or damaged, the blanket may be returned for a refund or exchange. All shipping is on the buyers expense.

    response & Rating
    Thermalsolutions strives for positive response and high ratings from our buyers. If you are unsatisfied with anything, please contact us before posting response. We leave positive response for all our customers who leave us positive response. If you have any concerns with your order feel free to call us at 513.696.9727

    Payment & Payment Methods
    For fast shipments, please pay for the item after purchase. For Buyer/Seller protection, we will only ship to CONFIRMED addresses. Please, SERIOUS buyers only!

    Thermalsolutions accepts PayPal as the payment method. PayPal is a fast and safe way of paying over the internet without exposing your credit card info. If you have any questions or don't have a PayPal account, please call our store at 513.696.9727 to discuss other payment methods.

    Thermalsolutions ships items the same day or next business day depending on what time you place your order. Shipping delays may occur due to weather conditions, accidents, or holidays. We ship anywhere in the world!

    USPS Priority Mail

  • USA : 2-3 business days
  • International : 6-10 business days

    USPS International First Class
  • International : varies
    Contact Us
    We would like to help our customers with all questions. Please give us a call or feel free to message us on google talk Phone: 513-696-9727 (Monday-Friday 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. EST)
    Google Talk: thermalzerosales

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