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    High Compression/ Boosting T04E Turbocharger

    The objective of a turbocharger is to improve the engine's volumetric efficiency by solving one of its cardinal limitations. A naturally aspirated automobile engine uses only the downward stroke of a piston to create an area of low pressure in order to draw air into the cylinder through the intake valves. The pressure in the atmosphere is no more than 1 atm (approximately 14.7 psi), so there ultimately will be a limit to the pressure difference across the intake valves and thus the amount of airflow entering the combustion chamber. Since the turbocharger increases the pressure at the point where air is entering the cylinder, a greater mass of air (oxygen) will be forced in as the inlet manifold pressure increases. The additional air flow makes it possible to maintain the combustion chamber pressure and fuel/air load even at high engine revolution speeds, increasing the power and torque output of the engine.

    Specifics and Benefits:

  • Capable of Boosting Horse Power up to 300+ BHP
  • High Quality Material, Cast Housing with Durable Steel Exhaust (Turbo Manifold) Flange: Standard T3/ T4 4-Bolt Exhaust (Downpipe) Flange: Standard T3 5-Bolt Intake Inlet/ Outlet: 3.00"/ 2.00"

    Compressor: Trim: 55 A/R: .50 Inducer: 50.50 Exducer: 76.00
    Turbine: Trim: 73 A/R: .63 Inducer: 65.50 Exducer: 55.90

    High Performance Cast Iron Exhaust Tubro Manifold

    The heart of any turbo system is the manifold and the turbocharger. These form the basis where the rest of the turbo system is built around. There is no match for durability and strength for cast turbo manifolds. Cast manifolds are more durable over long periods of constant heat cycles like daily driving. Cast turbo manifolds offer short runners resulting in quicker spooling for whatever turbocharger is being used. The shorter runners of the cast manifolds take up little space so that it is possible to keep accessory components, such as air conditioning and power steering, of your engine intact.

    Specifics and Benefits:

  • High Performance Turbo Racing Design
  • Made of High Quality Cast Iron Material for Strength and Durability
  • Computerized Mandrel-Bended to Maximize Air Flow Smoothness
  • TIG Welded CNC Machined Flange for Resistance against Cracking and Wearing
  • Increase Engine Exhaust Output and Efficiency
  • 38mm/ 35mm External Wastegate Port and Flange Included
  • Standard T3 T03 Turbo Flange Configuration Outlet for T3/ T3 & T4 Hybrid Turbo
  • Stainless Steel Dumppipe and Gasket Included
  • Dumppipe Inlet (Port)/ Outlet Diameter: 34mm/ 34mm

  • Lightweight Aluminum Front-Mount Intercooler

    When the charged air enters the end tank, it travels through the tubes of an Intercooler, in which the heat is transferred via fins, where cooler ambient air passes over the tubes. This mechanism further removes heat from air before exiting the opposite end tank and routing to the engine. Bar and Plate Intercooler functions identically to the Tube and Fin Core, with the exception that, charged air travels through its rectangular shaped passages, which have more surface area; thus, improves cooling effect and power of the charged air. The advantage of this type of intercoolers is that, since the bar and plate core affords up to 35% larger surface area for cooling, a physically smaller intercooler can be used and still retains the cooling efficiency of a larger tube and fin design. This is important for a builder who has a vehicle with a compact opening in the front of it or when there are immovable obstructions present.

    Specifics and Benefits:

  • High Performance Bar and Plate Turbo Racing Design
  • Made of High Quality T-6061 Aluminum Durable Material
  • Helps Reducing Engine Inlet Temperature
  • Allow More Horsepower at the Same Boost Level and Even More Power at the Higher Boost Level
  • Intercooler Size: 27.00" (L) X 5.50" (H) X 2.50"(W)
  • Core Size: 22.00" (L) X 5.50" (H) X 2.50"(W)
  • Inlet/ Outlet: 2.25"/ 2.25”
  • Direct Front-Mount Installation; Easy to Install

  • Bolt-On Aluminum Intercooler Piping

    Specifics and Benefits:

  • Made of High Quality T-6061 Lightweight Aluminum Piping
  • Powder-Coated Surface Finish
  • 8 Major Pipings' Diameter: 2.50"
  • 1 Connector's Diameter: 2.75"
  • Perfect for Turbo DIY Project
  • Increase 65% Air Flow comparing with other Standard Piping
    Lightweight Stainless Steel Down Pipe

    The most restrictive part of any exhaust system is the catalytic converter. The stock catalytic converter is meant to filter the flow of exhaust gases to reduce the amount of harmful gases into the atmosphere. Because of this, lots of potential performance is restrained. Down Pipes eliminate the stock catalytic converter and reduce exhaust backpressure. By maximizing exhaust flow, this downpipe allows the turbo to spool up and build boost quicker. The result brings out the vehicle’s performance potential by giving it a free high flowing exhaust system.

    Specifics and Benefits:

  • Made of High Quality T-304 Stainless Steel with Computerized Mandrel-Bends
  • i.e. Maximizing Smoothest Exhaust Airflow
  • High Performance JDM Racing Design
  • TIG Welded CNC Machine Flange for Strength and Durability
  • Inlet: 2.50” Inner Diameter (For T04E 5-Bolt Exhaust Side Flange)
  • Outlet Sizes: 2.25” Inner Diameter (Standard Honda 3-Bolt Flange)
  • Piping Diameter: 2.25"
  • Increase Engine Output and Efficiency
  • Instantly Gains 10 - 15 HPs
  • O2 Sensor Bung Insertion; Metal Gasket(s) Included
    Universal 35mm/ 38mm Wastegate with Spring

    Specifics and Benefits:

  • High Strength Cast Steel Body with Steel Head
  • Comes with 8-PSI Spring Installed
    Type-RS Adjustable Aluminum Billet Blow Off Valve BOV

    The Blow-Off valve (BOV) is a pressure relief device on the intake tract to prevent the turbo’s compressor from going into surge. When the throttle is closed rapidly, the airflow is quickly reduced, causing flow instability and pressure fluctuations. Surge can eventually lead to thrust bearing failure due to the high loads associated with it. Blow-Off valves use a combination of manifold pressure signal and spring force to detect when the throttle is closed. When the throttle is closed rapidly, the BOV vents boost in the intake tract to atmosphere to relieve the pressure, helping to eliminate surge.

    Specifics and Benefits:

  • Billet Aluminum Body
  • 8 Discharge Ports That Draw In Surrounding Air and Release a Unique Discharge Sound
  • 40mm, Hard-Anodized Valve for Increased Airflow
  • Dual Spring System Promoted Response and Allows for High Boost Pressures
  • Holds Up to 30 PSI Boost Pressure
  • Aggressive JDM Racing Discharge Sound
  • 2-Bolt Mounting Design
    Aluminum 2.5” Flange Pipe

    Specifics and Benefits:

  • Made of High Quality T-6061 Aluminum, Lightweight, Heat-Persistent Design
  • 2.5" Pipe Size

  • 30 PSI Turbo Boost Controller

    Specifics and Benefits:

  • CNC Machined Aluminum Body
  • 1-30 PSI Adjustable
    Universal Box Style Programmable LED Turbo Timer

    Specifics and Benefits:

  • Allows the Vehicle to Idle the Engine, for the Timed Period, with the Ignition Key Removed
  • Auto Mode - Precise Calculation of Cool Down Period to Ensure Proper Cool Down of Turbo-Charged Engine.
  • Digital Display - Allowing Clear Vision during Day & Night Time.

  • Universal Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

    Specifics and Benefits:

  • Adjustable from (1-15) psi to 140 Maximum Fuel Pump Capacity
  • Improves Fuel Delivery Efficiency and Prevents Fuel Starvation for More Consistent Boost and Fuel Flow
  • Designed to Maintain the Optimal Fuel Rail Pressure for High Performance/ Turbocharged Engine
  • Delivers Vehicles’ Highest Performance, with Long Life and Highly Reliable Operation
  • Comes with Hose, Bolts, Connectors and Installation Kits

  • Universal Voltage Stabilizer/ Regulator

    Specifics and Benefits:

  • Improves Ignition Flow and Strengthens Starting Power
  • Stabilizes Voltage, Improves Engine Performance
  • Specially Designed with High Water and Heat Resistance

  • Universal 16-Row 10 AN Oil Cooler

    Specifics and Benefits:

  • Usable to Cool Down Engine Oil, Transmission, and Rear-Differentials
  • Made with High Quality T-6061 Aluminum
  • Potentially Reduces Oil Temperature up to 50°F
  • Overall Size: 13.00" x 6.00" x 2.00"
  • Core Size: 9.25" x 5.00" x 2.00"
  • Inlet / Outlet Size: 10 AN

  • Oil Filter Relocation and Oil Line Kits

    Specifics and Benefits:

  • Made of High Quality Lightweight Aluminum with CNC Laser Cut
  • Increases Engine Oil Capacity Available; thus, Enhances Oil Lubrication and Protection of Engines
  • Oil Filter Relocation for Easier Access and Oil Change; a Must for Hard-To-Reach Oil Filters
  • 10-AN Male Fitting and 0.875” x 12.125” Bolt Pattern

  • Billet Aluminum Oil Catch Tank

    Specifics and Benefits:

  • Clear Tube Indicator for Easy Visual of Checking if the Tank is Full
  • Ensure Better Mileage, Better Performance and Preserve Engine Life
  • Catch Oil and Sludge to Save the Life of the Engine

  • Universal Braided Stainless Steel 10AN Oil Drain Line

    Specifics and Benefits:

  • Stainless Steel Braided Hose 1/2" Inner Diameter 20.00" Length
  • 10AN Fittings Anodized Finish
  • Weldable 10AN Oil Pan Fitting Included

  • Universal 3-Port Gauge/ Meter Dash Pod

    Specifics and Benefits:

  • Dimensions: 9.25” (Length) X 4.50” (Width) X 3.00” (Height)
  • Flatten Bottom Surface for Easy Direct Hood Mount or Stick Mount
  • 2.0625” (Diamter) X 2.50" (Depth) Pods

  • Universal Smoke-Tinted Turbo Boost + Oil Temperature + Water Temperature Gauges

    Specifics and Benefits:

  • Enchanting 7-Color LED Display, to Match Interior Lightings at its Best
  • Stylish Smoke-Tinted Screens
  • 2” Gauge Diameter for 12V Power Source

  • Universal Aluminum Radiator Water Temperature Gauge Adaptor

    Specifics and Benefits:

  • Made of High Quality Light Weight Aluminum Material
  • Port Diameter: 38mm/ 1.50"
  • Overall Dimensions: 2.75" (Length) X 2.25" (Height)
  • Sensor Port Thread Pitch and Diameter: 1/8 NPT/ 6AN

  • 3.00” Universal Mushroom Type Air Filter

    Specifics and Benefits:

  • Made of Reinforced Material and Covered with Chromed Finish for Lightweight and Durability
  • 3.00” Filter Inlet, 3.00" Inner Diameter Pipe
  • Performance: Improves Up to 95% Filtration Efficiency
  • Micro High Density Foam Gauze Type Filter Material, Washable with Water or Soap, and Reusable
    High Tolerance Manifold Wrap

    Specifics and Benefits:

  • Made of High Quality Synthetic Fabric Material
  • Tested to Tolerate Extreme Heat and Wearing Corrosions
  • Dimensions: 2.00" (Width) X 1/16" (Thick) X 600"/ 50' (Length)
    Stainless Steel Braided Oil Feed Line

    Specifics and Benefits:

  • Made of High Quality Stainless Steel Hose
  • 10AN Fittings Anodized Ends
  • Inner Diameter: 0.25"
  • Length: 36.00"
  • 1/8 NPT Fittings Natural Polish Finish 100% Brand New

  • Professional Installation is Highly Recommended (No Instruction Included)

    Package Includes:

  • 1 X T04E Turbocharger
  • 1 X Cast Turbo Manifold
  • 1 X Set of Racing Downpipe Kits
  • 1 X External Cast Steel Wastegate WG
  • 1 X Type-RS Blow Off Valve Kit
  • 1 X Flange Pipe
  • 1 X Adjustable Boost Controller
  • 1 X Programmable LED Turbo Timer
  • 1 X Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • 1 X Universal Voltage Stabilizer
  • 1 X 16-Row 10AN Aluminum Oil Cooler
  • 1 X Oil Filter Relocation Kit
  • 3 X Oil Lines
  • 1 X Aluminum Oil Catch Tank
  • 1 X Braided Oil Feed Line
  • 1 X Oil Drain Line Kit
  • 1 X Universal Turbo Boost Gauge
  • 1 X Universal Oil Temp. Gauge
  • 1 X Universal Water Temp. Gauge
  • 1 X Universal 52mm Gauge/ Meter Pods
  • 1 X Aluminum Radiator Water Temperature Gauge Adaptor
  • 1 X Lightweight Aluminum Intercooler
  • 1 X Set of Bolt-On Aluminum Piping as Shown Above

    9-Piece Piping Set Includes:

  • 9 X Aluminum 2.50" Pipings
  • 11 X Silicone Hoses
  • 22 X Bolt-Tight Clamps
  • 1 X Manifold Wrap
  • 1 X Mushroom Type Air Filter
  • Hardware as Shown in the Picture Above


    Direct Bolt-On:
  • 98-02 Honda Accord l4 EX/ LX/ DX/ SE/ VP CG3/ CG5
    (Fits Models with 2.3L F23A4/ F23A5 l4 Engines ONLY)
  • Please Check Compatibilities for Exact Years and Models
    Modification might be Required for Some Universal Parts
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