Suzuki Samurai Convertable Top,Full Body Replacement Snaps,WithTailgate,USA MADE for Sale

Price: $30

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This is a brand new full set of Suzuki Samurai snaps including the tailgate studs. These are the snaps and studs that screw into the body, just like the factory ones only made better AND MADE IN THE USA. It took me years to find these and finally I found a company to make them. These are the best of the best, and the only ones unless you want the OEM snaps that twist off your paint when tightened. I don't like to talk poorly about others ad's, but when they bad mouth others, I have to make sure the real facts are out there, plus I have sold thousands of these snaps without a single complaint, my response speaks for itself .

There are 12 regular snaps, count yours on your Samurai tsome had 10, let me know if you need 10 instead, and we will figure out the difference. Make sure you count the 2 up by the windshield frame.There are 4 tailgate studs for the rear flap. Very few Samurai were made in a different plant, and some how they got the tailgate stud holes threaded a bit off. So I highly recommend you take a 8/32 tap and run it through the hole, and these will thread in without any issue at all. Most Samurai's will not need this, but I need everyone to know that there is no way to tell which ones will and which ones will not need this. So I recommend everyone to have the tap on hand just in case. I can include at tap at my cost but I would recommend you to pick one up at any hardware store for a couple bucks just get a cheapo tap. It's hardly ever an issue but I want to be upfront so you are not disappointed.

I also sell just the body snaps without the tailgate studs, or just the tailgate studs without the body snaps. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Even if it's not about Samurai snaps and just a Samurai question in general.

Thanks for looking and have a look at some of my other Samurai things. Sometimes there will be more Suzuki items than others it just depends on what I have on hand at the moment. If you are looking for something let me know I may have it or be able to find it for you.

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