Studebaker Lark Custom Billet Aluminum Radiator Cap Cover & New Cap 1959-1963 for Sale

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Will sell to the USA and CANADA ONLY. My apologies to customers outside of the US/Canada.

GOING OUT OF BUSINESS CLEARANCE! After being in the business of machining and engraving custom automotive accessory parts for over 6 years, I'm now shut down. Selling off my remaining inventory at Clearance prices. I've sold thousands of my custom CNC engraved auto parts over the years, and I'd like to thank all the customers who helped make it the greatest job I've ever had. What's listed here and what will be listed in the coming weeks is what I have left over in inventory. Sold with offer, and starting at a fraction of what I formerly charged for these parts. Thanks!

This listing is for a custom-made Radiator Cap Cover, CNC Machined from solid 6061 billet Aluminum for StudebakerLarks. Also included is a BRAND NEW Napa® BrandRadiator Cap (Stant® manufactures the radiator caps that are sold under the Napa name).

After machining the Cover, the design was then cut into the top of the aluminum. It was then filled-in with color (see pictures), and then the top was fine-finish sanded. The result is a custom machined & engraved Radiator Cap Cover that really stands out: An easy and inexpensive way to add a custom look to your engine compartment. (Check out the “Before & After” photo to see how one of these custom covers improves the under-hood appearance). And remember: It comes with a BRAND NEW Radiator Cap. Do you know that most manufacturers recommend testing/replacing your radiator cap with each Coolant change? How about replacing your old cap with a great looking custom made Radiator Cap & Cover?

When I ship the Radiator Cap and Cap Cover to the winning buyer, the Cover will not be pressed onto the cap. This will allow you to make sure that the cap cover is facing the right way when it’s installed. Simply install the cap onto your radiator, position the cover so it’s oriented correctly, and just press the cover firmly over the cap.

Radiator Caps are for the most part “universal”. From the 50’s through most of the 90’s (and even into the 2000’s with some), almost all American made cars/trucks (and several imports) used the same physical sized radiator cap. The difference being the lbs. of pressure they were rated for. There were three common Pressure Ratings for Radiator Caps. 13 lbs, 16lbs, and 16lbs Vented.Because I don't know which radiator cap rating that your particular car has, I will include a 16lb Vented cap (along with the custom billet aluminum cover). The 16lb vented cap was the most popular rated cap for American Cars from the 50's to 90's, so that's what I will send along by default. However, If forany reason you would rather have a 16lb. cap, or the 13lb cap, just let me know upon paying for the item, and I will send therating that you request. You can check Stant's (or Napa's) website to see which cap rating they recommend for your car.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Shipping is fixed on this listing.USA and CANADA ONLY! Due to a recent problem with a sale I made to a buyer in Uruguay, I can no longer sell or ship to anywhere outside the US and Canada.

A Quick word about the photos: Taking a good, representative picture of any of my custom automotive parts has always proved to be very difficult. The reflectiveness, the lighting, and the fine details have all been challenging. I did what I could to capture the part, but I dont think the photos do justice. It really is a nice looking custom part, and my customers have always been pleased with the results (just view my response).

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