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Spitfire 1500 and GT6 Leaf Spring Spacers for Sale

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Spitfire 1500 and GT6 Leaf Spring Spacers

Price: $40

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As seen in Spitfire and GT6 Magazine issue#33 - pg 34 "The Magic Buttons" ......" easy to install and only takes about one hour...."

Leaf Spring Refurbishment Discs to replace rubber discs that are likely causing the sag to your Triumph Spitfire rear end.

The transverse rear leaf spring on Triumph Spitfires can be a source of endless problem solving, costly replacement and general misunderstanding. The rear of a older Spitfire may be sagging in the rear, or the front may seem to be higher than the back. The problem can usually be traced back to the rear transverse leaf spring.

A Spitfire with a sagging rear end doesn't necessarily need a complete replacement spring. The spring could be and probably is fine. You can do it yourself with a new set of discs to replace the old and worn out original discs in your leaf spring. The sets consist of eight Teflon replacement discs that replace the usually rotted or missing original rubber discs that are placed in between the individual rear spring leaves. The results can be amazing. Ride height is improved to a near original position and ride comfort improves. The new discs should last a very long time.

Selling the set of 8 machined discs for the new life to your springs.

These do not work in MKII springs. Contact me for MKII and MKIII.

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