Sidewinder CV Carb kit for Suzuki Samurai, A "REAL" DIY kit from Zuksoffroad for Sale

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Zuksoffroad has dominated the CV "constant velocity" carb conversion kit for the Suzuki Samurai 1.3 and 1.6 engines from the 1st day they introduced the MY-SIDE kits. Myron the Owner of ZOR has always supported the DIY Samurai owner. Now with all the "come and go" bent tube CV kits playing in Myron's backyard, He felt the need to fully support the DIY crowd with not something that gets by, but something special. This is not your typical garage made bent tube design that so many have tried to make work. This is the Sidewinder Basic Starter Kit. Patterned after the ZOR MY-SIDE1 this kit is a solid aluminum billet block that has the CORRECT flow dynamics machined into the slide so that the wet air does not separate because the velocity slows down. What does that mean to the average Samurai owner that with Myron's help, tunes their kit to perfection...Faster revving and far superior bottom end torque than ANY bent tube design. Featuring water heating just like the MS1 and MS2 kits, you are looking at much faster warmup times then using bent tubing welded to a plate.

A true DIY kit where you can save big bucks by providing your own fuel line and fittings, air filter style, used 40 mm OR 44 mm HD CV carb manufactured from 1996 to 2006. Did you get that? The Sidewinder DIY basic kit is multi-carb sized based. You can upgrade this kit to a different carb down the road just like the Zuksoffroad MS1 and MS2 kits. With a few other pieces you probably have laying around, your going to be promoting this kit to every Samurai person you meet.

NOTE: a) DO not follow the instructions on the youtube video, that is not Myron explaining how to get bottom end by drilling out the slide hole.

b) DO not purchase any carb that does not have the HD bar & shield logo cast into the carb. The cheap knock off is NOT a low vacuum carb like the real HD carb.

c) We understand that not all DIY folks are experts in every field. There is NO person on the planet that can help you better than Myron can on your Suzuki Samurai. A simple internet search will prove that to you.

You get the basics to build your own rip snorting kit. We offer options to continue using Sidewinder parts or like the true DIY you are, do it yourself to save money. The complete instructions in the Sidewinder Deluxe kits are provided so you can clearly identify parts, part numbers and the direction you want to go with your DIY kit.

This first run of Sidewinder DIY kits will ship before July 15th. They are in stock ready to go. Sidewinder is asking for a little extra time in case someone needs additional parts shipped with the DIY kit. If Sidewinder runs short, ZOR just finished a big batch of MS1 kits and will stand behind Sidewinder to provide the MS1 DIY in its place.

And finally, don't ask, LOL! the MS2 will never be offered as a DIY kit. Myron thought that some of you waiting on news of the "Rattler" dual CV kit will be pleased to know that he is still holding the Dec 2013 launch date on that product. When he says "Dominate or go home" he means it!

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