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Set of four 2007+ Toyota Tundra 18" Alloy Wheels, Tires, Center Caps, Lug Nuts for Sale

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Set of four 2007+ Toyota Tundra 18

Price: $489

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18" Alloy wheels and tires off of a Toyota Tundra SR5. 5 lug, 5 x 150mm, 8" wide fits 2007 and upTundra or Sequoia.
Tires are Goodyear Fortera HL Edition 255/65/R18. Each tire has approx 6/32in tread depth. Original tread depth when new is 11/32.Rims are pretty clean, but one has curb rash extending about half way around the rim as seen in the up-close pics. This was feathered and touched up (see the up close pic).It is onthe outer part of the rim right next to the rubber. This is not really very noticeablefrom a distance(as seen in the not so close up pic). Rims are straight and true... not wreck rims...
These wheels do not have the TPMS sensors in them, but they were rebalanced after the TPMS sensors were
removed. Not everyone rebalances the tires when they pull these sensors out. Since they are rebalanced, you
can take these home and put them right on.

See the before and after pics at the end of the pics below to compare them to steel Toyota Wheels - 18" X 8", 5 lug on 150mm bolt pattern

  • Tires -Goodyear Fortera HL Edition 255/65/R18(32" tires)
  • Genuine Toyota Center caps
  • Genuine Toyota Lug nuts (lug nuts from steel rims will not work) (lug nuts not pictured, but are included)
  • *** Tread depth measurements taken with Kex Tread Guage.

    Local pickup only... however, I am willing to shrink wrap these on a pallet and have them available on a loading dock if you arrange and pay for shipping. Commercial (non-residential) loading dock with forklift locatedClearwater, FL33765. Saves you$$$ since you will not need a lift gate.You will not need a liftgate on your end either as you simply cut the shrink wrap and unload the wheels/tires one at a time from the truck.

    I am also willing to drop these offunboxed at a Pack n' Ship type of FedEx or UPS store if you arrange and pay for packing/shipping. I will try to work with you if you needthem shipped and won't leave you totally hanging, but you musthelp to make arrangements andpaythe shipping company directly.

    Shipping cost estimates from http://www.freightcenter.com:

    • Dallas $170 delivery in 2 business days
    • Chicago $211 delivery in 3 business days
    • Denver $270 delivery in 3-4 businessdays
    • Seattle, WA$300 (about as far as you can go from Florida) delivery in 5-7 business days

    Shipment info used to get these quotes:

    • Picked up at 33765 commercial business with loading dock and forklift
    • Shipment palletized on 48" X 41" pallet, 48" overall height
    • Weight 350lbs (estimated from internet searched ship weight ofeach wheel as 30lbs and tire as 45 lbs, then added 50lbs for weight of pallet and lug nuts... actual weight should be less)

    I prefer cashfor localpick-ups, but Paypalworks too. Please ask any questions before excellent condition... well 3 excellent, 1 pretty darn good...as seen in the pics, tires have signs of wear and age as seen in the pics. All items are used and, as such, are not inperfect new condition. If you would like specific up-close pics of anything, please ask and I can post them. Any questions... ask before offerding. Thanks!!!!!!!!!

    ***For an extra $20, I can have the tires removed from the wheels at a shop near my house. This could help save $$$ if you wanted the wheels only and need these shipped. You would still need to be involved in making shipping arrangements and would have to pay the carrierfor shipping***

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