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Our Part Number: 3267

100% Brand NEW Aftermarket Part From DB Electrical

Applications: MAKE TYPE MODEL YEAR ENGINE FORDAuto and Light TruckCROWN VICTORIA19924.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckCROWN VICTORIA19934.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckCROWN VICTORIA19944.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckCROWN VICTORIA19954.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckCROWN VICTORIA19964.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckCROWN VICTORIA19974.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckCROWN VICTORIA19984.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckCROWN VICTORIA19994.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckCROWN VICTORIA20004.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckCROWN VICTORIA20014.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckCROWN VICTORIA20024.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckCROWN VICTORIA20034.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckCROWN VICTORIA20044.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckCROWN VICTORIA20054.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckCROWN VICTORIA20064.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckCROWN VICTORIA20074.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckCROWN VICTORIA20084.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckCROWN VICTORIA20094.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckCROWN VICTORIA20104.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckCROWN VICTORIA20114.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS19974.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS19975.4L(330) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS19976.8L(415) V10FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS19984.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS19985.4L(330) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS19986.8L(415) V10FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS19994.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS19995.4L(330) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS19996.8L(415) V10FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20004.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20005.4L(330) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20006.8L(415) V10FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20014.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20015.4L(330) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20016.8L(415) V10FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20024.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20025.4L(330) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20026.8L(415) V10FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20034.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20035.4L(330) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20036.8L(415) V10FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20044.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20045.4L(330) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20046.8L(415) V10FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20054.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20055.4L(330) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20056.8L(415) V10FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20064.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20065.4L(330) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20066.8L(415) V10FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20074.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20075.4L(330) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20076.8L(415) V10FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20084.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20085.4L(330) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20086.8L(415) V10FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20094.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20095.4L(330) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20096.8L(415) V10FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20104.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20105.4L(330) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20106.8L(415) V10FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20114.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20115.4L(330) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckE-SERIES VANS20116.8L(415) V10FORDAuto and Light TruckEXPEDITION19974.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckEXPEDITION19975.4L(330) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckEXPEDITION19984.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckEXPEDITION19985.4L(330) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckF-SERIES PICKUPS19974.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckF-SERIES PICKUPS19975.4L(330) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckF-SERIES PICKUPS19984.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckF-SERIES PICKUPS19985.4L(330) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckMUSTANG19964.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckMUSTANG19974.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckMUSTANG19984.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckMUSTANG19994.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckMUSTANG20004.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckMUSTANG20014.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckMUSTANG20024.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckMUSTANG20034.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckMUSTANG20044.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckTHUNDERBIRD19944.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckTHUNDERBIRD19954.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckTHUNDERBIRD19964.6L(281) V8FORDAuto and Light TruckTHUNDERBIRD19974.6L(281) V8FORDMedium & Heavy-Duty TrucksE450 Super-Duty2006Ford 5.4L(330) V8 GasFORDMedium & Heavy-Duty TrucksE450 Super-Duty2007Ford 5.4L(330) V8 GasFORDMedium & Heavy-Duty TrucksE450 Super-Duty2008Ford 5.4L(330) V8 GasLINCOLNAuto and Light TruckMARK SERIES19934.6L(281) V8LINCOLNAuto and Light TruckMARK SERIES19944.6L(281) V8LINCOLNAuto and Light TruckMARK SERIES19954.6L(281) V8LINCOLNAuto and Light TruckMARK SERIES19964.6L(281) V8LINCOLNAuto and Light TruckMARK SERIES19974.6L(281) V8LINCOLNAuto and Light TruckMARK SERIES19984.6L(281) V8LINCOLNAuto and Light TruckNAVIGATOR19985.4L(330) V8LINCOLNAuto and Light TruckTOWN CAR19924.6L(281) V8LINCOLNAuto and Light TruckTOWN CAR19934.6L(281) V8LINCOLNAuto and Light TruckTOWN CAR19944.6L(281) V8LINCOLNAuto and Light TruckTOWN CAR19954.6L(281) V8LINCOLNAuto and Light TruckTOWN CAR19964.6L(281) V8LINCOLNAuto and Light TruckTOWN CAR19974.6L(281) V8LINCOLNAuto and Light TruckTOWN CAR19984.6L(281) V8LINCOLNAuto and Light TruckTOWN CAR19994.6L(281) V8LINCOLNAuto and Light TruckTOWN CAR20004.6L(281) V8LINCOLNAuto and Light TruckTOWN CAR20014.6L(281) V8LINCOLNAuto and Light TruckTOWN CAR20024.6L(281) V8LINCOLNAuto and Light TruckTOWN CAR20034.6L(281) V8LINCOLNAuto and Light TruckTOWN CAR20044.6L(281) V8LINCOLNAuto and Light TruckTOWN CAR20054.6L(281) V8LINCOLNAuto and Light TruckTOWN CAR20064.6L(281) V8LINCOLNAuto and Light TruckTOWN CAR20074.6L(281) V8LINCOLNAuto and Light TruckTOWN CAR20084.6L(281) V8LINCOLNAuto and Light TruckTOWN CAR20094.6L(281) V8LINCOLNAuto and Light TruckTOWN CAR20104.6L(281) V8LINCOLNAuto and Light TruckTOWN CAR20114.6L(281) V8MERCURYAuto and Light TruckCOUGAR19944.6L(281) V8MERCURYAuto and Light TruckCOUGAR19954.6L(281) V8MERCURYAuto and Light TruckCOUGAR19964.6L(281) V8MERCURYAuto and Light TruckCOUGAR19974.6L(281) V8MERCURYAuto and Light TruckGRAND MARQUIS19924.6L(281) V8MERCURYAuto and Light TruckGRAND MARQUIS19934.6L(281) V8MERCURYAuto and Light TruckGRAND MARQUIS19944.6L(281) V8MERCURYAuto and Light TruckGRAND MARQUIS19954.6L(281) V8MERCURYAuto and Light TruckGRAND MARQUIS19964.6L(281) V8MERCURYAuto and Light TruckGRAND MARQUIS19974.6L(281) V8MERCURYAuto and Light TruckGRAND MARQUIS19984.6L(281) V8MERCURYAuto and Light TruckGRAND MARQUIS19994.6L(281) V8MERCURYAuto and Light TruckGRAND MARQUIS20004.6L(281) V8MERCURYAuto and Light TruckGRAND MARQUIS20014.6L(281) V8MERCURYAuto and Light TruckGRAND MARQUIS20024.6L(281) V8MERCURYAuto and Light TruckGRAND MARQUIS20034.6L(281) V8MERCURYAuto and Light TruckGRAND MARQUIS20044.6L(281) V8MERCURYAuto and Light TruckGRAND MARQUIS20054.6L(281) V8MERCURYAuto and Light TruckGRAND MARQUIS20064.6L(281) V8MERCURYAuto and Light TruckGRAND MARQUIS20074.6L(281) V8MERCURYAuto and Light TruckGRAND MARQUIS20084.6L(281) V8MERCURYAuto and Light TruckGRAND MARQUIS20094.6L(281) V8MERCURYAuto and Light TruckGRAND MARQUIS20104.6L(281) V8MERCURYAuto and Light TruckGRAND MARQUIS20114.6L(281) V8MERCURYAuto and Light TruckMARAUDER20034.6L(281) V8MERCURYAuto and Light TruckMARAUDER20044.6L(281) V8
Specifications: Unit TypeStarterPart TypePMGR BriefFORD 4.6L 1992-97

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Replaces these part numbers: AC DELCO323-525, 336-1170, 336-1808 ARROWHEADSFD0028 CARGO112592, 112646 FORD3C24-11000-CA, 3C2Z-11002-CA, 4R3Z-11002-CA, 6C2T-11000-BA, 6C2T-11000-CA, 6C2Z-11002-BA, 6C2Z-11002-CA, 6W1T-11000-AA, 6W1Z-11002-AA, 9C2T-11000-AA, 9C2Z-11002-A, F2VU-11000-AC, F2VU-11000-AD, F2VY-11002-A, F3LU-11000-AA, F3LY-11002-A, F4LU-11000-AA, F6VU-11000-AA, F6VZ-11002-AA, F75U-11000-AA, F75U-11000-AB, F75U-11000-AC, F75Z-11002-AA, F7LU-11000-AA, F7LU-11000-BA, F7LU-11001-BA, F7LZ-11002-AA, F7LZ-11002-BA, F7UU-11000-AA, F7UU-11000-AB, F7UZ-11002-AA FORD ENGINEERING3C24-CA, 6C2T-CA, F2VU-AC, F2VU-AD, F3LU-AA, F4LU-AA, F6VU-AA, F75U-AA, F75U-AB, F75U-AC, F7LU-AA, F7LU-BA, F7UU-AA, F7UU-AB J & N410-14042 J & N (OLD)410-14034 LESTER3221, 3267, 6691 LESTER (OLD)3233 MOTORCRAFTSA-789, SA-808, SA-822, SA-838, SA-842, SA-848, SA-849, SA-912, SA-932, SA-933, SA-952, SA-988 REMY REMANSR110702, SR111059 WAI2-1799-FD, 2-1799-FD-1
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