SEAT Altea Exeo 3R5 3R9 Ibiza 6J SMD LED CANBUS Licence Plate Number Light 020 for Sale

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SEAT Altea Exeo 3R5 3R9 Ibiza 6J SMD LED CANBUS Licence Plate Number Light 020

SEAT Altea Exeo 3R5 3R9 Ibiza 6J SMD LED CANBUS Licence Plate Number Light

Are you tired of your boring looking yellow and dirty licence plate lamp?

Here is a solution for you!

New and clean look.


2 x SMDLEDLicence PlateLight Units (Left + Right)
2 x CANBUS Inverters

These licence plate light units replace the original OEM licence/registration plate light units

-Plug & Play -
- Super Bright Xenon White 24 SMD LEDs -
-No OBCerrors-
- OEM replacement -

For models:
Volkswagen (VW) Amarok ('10-present) models
Volkswagen (VW) Eos 1F7 ('06-present) models
Volkswagen (VW) Gol G4 ('05-'08) models
Volkswagen (VW) Golf/Rabbit MK4 1J (A4) ('99-'06) models (including GTI and R32)
Volkswagen (VW) Golf/Rabbit MK5 1K (A5) ('03-'08) models (including GTI and R32) (except estate/variant)
Volkswagen (VW) Golf/Rabbit MK6 5K (A6) ('09-present) models (including GTI and R)
Volkswagen (VW) Lupo ('98-'05) models (including GTI)
Volkswagen (VW) Beetle (A5) ('12-present) models
Volkswagen (VW) New Beetle ('06-'09) models
Volkswagen (VW) New Beetle Cabrio ('06-'09) models
Volkswagen (VW) Passat 3C (B6) 4D sedan ('05-'10) models (including R36)
Volkswagen (VW) Passat 3C (B7) 4D sedan ('10-present) models (including R36)
Volkswagen (VW) Passat CC ('09-'12) models
Volkswagen (VW) Phaeton GP1 ('02-'08) models
Volkswagen (VW) Phaeton GP2 ('08-'10) models
Volkswagen (VW) Phaeton GP3 ('10-present) models
Volkswagen (VW) Polo MK3 6N2 (facelift) ('00-'02) models (including GTI) Volkswagen (VW) Polo MK4 9N ('02-'05) models (including GT)
Volkswagen (VW) Polo MK4 9N3 (facelift) ('05-'09) models (including GTI)
Volkswagen (VW) Polo MK5 6R ('09-present) models (including GTI)
Volkswagen (VW) Scirocco MK3 ('08-present) models (including R)
Volkswagen (VW) Touareg MK1 7L ('02-'10) models
Škoda Superb 3T (B6) ('08-present) liftback sedan models (including VR6)
SEAT Altea ('07-present) models
SEAT Exeo/ST 3R5/3R9 (sedan/estate) ('08-present) models
SEAT Ibiza 6J ('o8-present) models (including Cupra and ST)
SEAT Leon/Leon 4 MK2 1P ('05-'12) models (including Cupra 310)
SEAT Leon/Leon 4 MK3 5F ('12-present) models
SEAT Toledo MK4 ('12-present) models
PORSCHE 987 Boxster ('05-'08) models
PORSCHE 987-2 Boxster ('09-'12) models
PORSCHE 981 Boxter ('12-present) models
PORSCHE 987C Cayman ('06-'08) models
PORSCHE 987C2 Cayman ('09-present) models
PORSCHE 996 911 Carrera ('02-'05 - facelift) models
PORSCHE 997-1 911 Carrera ('05-'08) models
PORSCHE 997-2 911 Carrera ('09-'present) models
PORSCHE 991 911 Carrera ('12-models) models
PORSCHE 997T 911 Turbo/GT2 ('07-'09) models
PORSCHE 997T2 911 Turbo/GT2 RS ('10-'12) models
PORSCHE 9PA 955 Cayenne ('02-'06) models
PORSCHE 9PA1 957 Cayenne ('07-'10) models
PORSCHE GT Carrera GT ('04-'06) models
PORSCHE GT3-1 996 GT3 ('04-'05 - facelift) models
PORSCHE GT3-2 997 GT3 ('07-'11) models

This kit is a complete DIY and if you don't know how to install it, please contact us and we shall send you a step-by-step installation guide for FREE!

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