Rx7 Rx-7 FD3S FD EGR BLOCK OFF PLates PLate Turbo + Gaskets + Hardware for Sale

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Brand New set of block off plates for the 93-95 Rx7 FD. Excellent quality. CNC machined from aluminum and then sandblasted for added ridgity. These will never fatigue, discolor or warp from the heat unlike steel kits. Lifetime warranty. Kit comes with stainless bolts not shown. Blockoffs include ones for the Electronic Oil Metering Pump, Split Air Valve, EGR, Air Control Valve, Air Control Valve Pipe, BAC Valve, AWS Valve, AWS Pipe, and rear oil return block-off for applications using a single turbo set-up. A great way to remove some weight and clean up your engine bay. International shipping available.


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