Roush Axleback Quad Tip 18-19 Mustang Gt Without Active Exhaust Used(Brand New) for Sale

Price: $549

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Roush Axleback For 2018-19 Mustang Gt Without Active Exhaust (USED). Will be shipped in original packing and box

Used for just a couple of days . I'm getting rid of it because My first mod was a resonated x pipe from magnaflow which makes this roush axleback too quiet and a little too tame for me in combination. No defects and item is in perfect polished condition. Basically brand new condition no dings,dents nor scratches . This will sound amazing with an x or h pipe guaranteed to make your neighbor roll over on their bed with cold starts and turn many heads or just even your stock suitcase resonator with beautiful drone free pops and crackles with that aggressive raspy sound under heavy load. This will literally make your 5.0 sound like fighting mountain lions , the one of a kind signature sound of Roush.

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