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Quick Fuel SS-850 Carburetor, Gasoline, Super Street, 850 cfm, 4-Barrel, Down-Leg,Electric Choke,Mechanical Secondary,Dual Inlet These Quick Fuel Super Street carburetors are designed to offer the power of a race carburetor in a streetable package that weighs 5 lbs. less than other carburetors. Manufactured completely from aluminum, they allow you to change the idle feed and offer power valve channel restrictions and idle and high-speed air bleeds for the ultimate in tunability. The solid-state, electric-choke Quick Fuel Super Street carburetors have billet throttle bodies, billet metering blocks, 4-corner idle systems, secondary jet extensions, and notched secondary floats. The vacuum secondary carburetors feature fuel bowls with a single-sight glass window, while the mechanical secondary carburetors have dual-inlet, dual-sight glass 4500-style fuel bowls, and include additional links to tune the secondary opening rate. Quick Fuel has done it--they've created an all-aluminum Super Street carburetor that's perfect for your high performance street machine.

Product Specs

Throttle Bore Size1-3/4"Primary Jet22-80Secondary Jet22-86Idle Bleed26-70Inter. BleedN/AHi-Speed Bleed26-28Pump Nozzle21-35Power Valve25-65Needle & Seat18-3Fuel TypeGas

Our line of Quick fuel carbs are customcalibratedto our specifications. Along with the help from the Quick Fuel company and our own experience, we have designed these carbs to haveexcellent streetability, yet still be suitable for the strip. Approximately 90% of our customers are building a street rod, and we wanted a setup in line with the street rod community. The street manners will be excellent with this carb. The tunability with Quick Fuel carbs is above and beyond any on the market, not to mention they are the best looking carb ever made. Aspec. sheet isincluded with every carb. If your needs are for the all out strip version, we have them listed.

The SS-850 (stock) has a 6.5 power valve. Yours willhave a 4.5 power valve, and this is muchmore sutible on the street.

Most engines that make decenthorsepower will need a lower
power valve to keep it from being open at idle, but still offer the needed
performance at wide open throttle

This sale is for theQuick FuelSS-850double pumper, mec. secondary style. The acceleration difference compared to a vac. secondary carb. is dramatic. Our company founder, as well as our company president, both agree that the double pumper carb. is the absolute best way to go. It is a somewhatmyth that vac. carbs have better street manners vs. a double pumper.Our company race car is a Pro Street 240Z with a 535hp sbc 400 engine in it, and we have always had the double pumper carb on it, and have drove this car many thousands of miles on the street, andfind it haveexcellentstreet manners.Their are no drivability issues at all.The above is dependent on many factors, but for the most part, double pumper carbs are a must an any true street rod.Another huge myth is that the double pumper carb. will consume more fuel. Where does this so called wasted fuel go. If it were wastedthen you would have a fuel mixture issue for sure and a loss of performance. If your cruising next to a car with a vac. sec. carb at the same speed, or accelerating at the same rate, then the fuel to air ratio should be the same for the most part, providing your not bogging the engineby accelerating beyondthe engines ability to increase it's rpms quickly.If thecarb were wastingfuel thenthe carb would not be doing what any carb is intended to do, and that's precisely mix fuel and air. If you are accelerating at a faster pace, then of coarse the double pumpermay consume more fuel vs. the vac. sec. carb. but you are most likely achieving your desired speed much sooner. Bottom line is their will be no measurabledrivability issues with this type of carb. compared to vac. sec. carb if your car islight to medium weight, and setup as most street rods are.The only difference you will notice is the incredible acceleration that you will never want to give up.

The only contraindication to the above would be for those running a very heavy car with stock gearing, a stock or near stockstall converter, and a stock or near stock engine. The vac. sec. carb. may be more suited, and this ismostly due to the fact that some people tend to use the throttle pedal to accelerate such vehicles beyond it's ability to increase rpm at aquickrate. They keep the carb. in a bogged down mode, rather than let the engine catch up.The double pumper carb in this case may consume slightly morefuel, but it's usually when running on a vehicle that it should have never been on, and or poor driving habits.On the flipside to the above, a light to mediumweightcar geared decently with a 400 hp or higherengine would not do well with a largevac sec. carb, due to manifoldvacuumissues, not to mention the lag that a vac. carb has.A double pumper is a must onany street rod under 3400 lbs, withdecent gearing. If your car is heavier than this, you can andcould still use the double pumper ifthe car has the horse power, and is geared decently.We do offer the vac. sec. carb also, but do not recommend it for mosttrue street rods. You would be more satisfied with a double pumper on most combos if your car is setup as a street rod should be or close to it. Rule of thumb is that the double pumper carbs are more finicky on proper size selection vs. a vac. sec. carb, and the vac. sec carb is more finicky on setting, (tuning)the carb up for the correct vehicle. If your needing advice on what Quick Fuel carb to choose, we will need to know a good bit about your car, such as engine size, or hp output, weight, gearing, man. or auto, converter stall speed, single or dual intake manifold, and what yourdoing with the vehicle.

Instant throttle response,is the only noticeable result from running a mech. sec., (double pumper) carb. Most people that do switch over to the double pumper equate this to having what feels like 50 more hp. The hp. difference between the two carbs. is actually small. Where the dp. carb prevails is that it can achieve rpm much faster if the car is not in a bogged down situation, such as being in to high of a gear under wide open throttle.

The carb. pictured above is sitting on a base to allow for clearance of the linkage while sitting on a flat surface. The red billet aluminum plate is the actual bottom of the carb.

Below are few general tips for carb. selection, but do let us help you in choosing the right size carb if your not sure of what you need. We will also be doing extensive dyno tuningwith this and a few other sizes of the Quick Fuel carbs. An important note we would like to mention; The mostoptimal carb sizefor max high end horse power may not be the best choice for a street rod that ishighly concerned with drivability, (street manners).

Our customer support number is 423-722-5152

All things being equal, a bigger engine requires a larger carb.

• Higher rpm requires a bigger carb

• Higher horsepower requires a bigger carb

• Higher compression ratiosrequire a bigger carb

• A manual-trans car can use a larger carb than an automatic-trans car

• Steeper (higher numerical, aka geared low) rearend gears tolerate a bigger carb

• Lighter cars can use a bigger carb

• Heavy cars need a smaller carb

• Too large a cam for the application could require a smaller carb

• Mild (lower numerical, aka tall) rearend gears mayrequire a smaller carb

• Low compression mayrequire a smaller carb


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