Pro Precut Smoke Taillight Tint Film Kit Ford Mustang / Shelby GT500 2010-2012 for Sale

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This is a precut tint film designed specifically for the model in the title and will smoke your OEM or factory lights. Each kit contains a pair of tints, a driver side and passenger side. The default shade is dark smoke tint, other shades are available please see the F.A.Q. below on how to order them. They are precut to the shape of your lights and are heat applied to conform to the curve's of your light. Above customer installation examples may show additional wrap kit tint applied, modified installation or cut-outs, these kits are designed to cover the entire light and do not come modified. They can easily be trimmed for further customization. Please see our installation instructions on how to achieve this effect. Please see the product intro video below for an understanding of how they are applied. Application tools are not included, they are recommended and available for purchase.

This is not a hard plastic kit, a hard cover or a replacement light and will not fit after-market lights.

  How difficult is it to install Rtint light tints?
The easiest way to answer this questions is for you to watch our product intro video above. Installing precut tight tint can be significantly easier and less time consuming than installing film by the roll, it can still be a difficult process. This is not window tint and is not installed like it.
  > Installation difficulty depends on the ability of the installer.
  > If the light has complex curves, protrusions or is compounded.
  > If the proper installation tools and fluids are not used.
  > If the installer is not familiar with heat stretching film.

(click here to preview)     How do I select my shade or tint?
The default shade is our most popular Dark Smoke. Dark Smoke will be shipped if no shade is specified at the time of checkout. You can also do one of three things:
1. Purchase a Tint Shade Guarantee in combination with this item.
2. Include a "message to buyer" when completing checkout.
3. Send an email immediately after you have made payment.       What tint application tools do you recommend?
Installation can be difficult and the tools we offer help guarantee results.
  > Squeegees will reduce air bubbles and aide in heat conforming tint. 
  > Low friction sleeves prevent scratching the film.
  > Rapid Prep safely cleans your lights prior to application.
  > Rapid Tac is used for a wet heated application.
  > Rapid Clear is a polishing fluid used after installation.
  > Seal-It Pens are used to seal the edges of your lights.
  > Purchase an application kit.       How dark is the film or what is the VLT?
Rtint Smoke film, which is by far our most popular shade, will smoke your lights by about 38% while still allowing 62% of light to enter the housing.
  > Blackout: 5% Light Transmission
  > Blue Tint: 83% Light Transmission
  > Clear: 100% Light Transmission
  > Green: 75% Light Transmission
  > Midnight: 20% Light Transmission (Static Cling Film, No adhesive)
  > Neon: 87% Light Transmission
  > Orange: 82% Light Transmission
  > Pink: 46% Light Transmission
  > Purple: 56% Light Transmission
  > Red: 17% Light Transmission
  > Smoke: 38% Light Transmission
  > Yellow: 85% Light Transmission       How much does installation of Rtint tint cost?
These kits are designed for the DIY installer.  We offer discounted replacements if any issues arise during installation, just contact us. Professional installation will not generally save you any money, they prefer to work with the tint they regularly use and we recommend you go with their preferred film. If you are still planning to have Rtint installed by a professional, we recommend certified paint protection installers NOT window tint installers.  This is not window tint, it requires a different skill set and you will generally not see good results from their installations.       Do you offer a warranty?
There is a 3 year limited warranty. The tint is guaranteed to not fade, peel, crack, bubble or turn purple when properly installed. Rtint is also offered in a lifetime warranty and you can purchase an upgrade.      

What is the legal light tint shade for my state?
Clear and Clear Protection films are legal. Tinted shades may not be legal for street use on primary lighting. Please check your state or local laws before application. All non-clear light tint is intended for off-road show car use only.

      What is the difference between Tint, Protection and Blackout Tint?
 > Tint & Blackout films are for aesthetics only. No protection is provided.
 > Protection film shields from road debris, UV damage, sand and weather.
 > Tint film is 3 mil (.0042") thick and adhesive backed.
 > Blackout film is 3 mil (.0042") thick and has no adhesive.
 > Protection film is 15 mil or (.021") thick and adhesive backed.  





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