Premium Dash Decal 63 Plymouth Savoy Sport Fury decals for Sale

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This sale is for the PremiumDashDecals decal(s) pictured along with this listing.This kit includes:

Please note that this is the normal kit for cars that were sold in North America

  • 120 MPH Speedometer face
  • Odometer relettering tapes
  • Fuel Gauge face
  • Ammeter gauge face
  • Temperature gauge face
  • Temp / Fuel Mask decal face
  • Choice of Clock or delete face
  • Choice of Heater or AC control switch face


  • 1963 B Body standard dash Plymouth Savoy, Fury, Sport Fury

Our PremiumDashDecal line of decals sets the standard in dash overlays. These are decals are the product of much testing and research and we have sold literally thousands of decals over the past several years.

Each decal is:

  • Printed on the most expensive grade of 3M industrial white film (no cheapo vinyls here)
  • Has the exactly correct gloss level
  • Is a “breeze” to apply, no tedious water “slip and slide” installation here
  • Has “blacks” calibrated to use with Krylon Flat black paint spray paint
  • Uses a special repositionable dry adhesive, all you have to do is push down with your fingers to apply
  • Has hidden micro-ridges in the adhesive so that there is virtually no chance of getting trapped air or wrinkles in your final product
  • Is an exterior grade film, designed to give years and years of unfailing use
  • Comes with an proprietary clear coat sprayed over the film that not only produces the correct gloss but also provides ultra-violet light stability so the whites will never yellow and the blacks will never go grey.
  • Are precision machine cut
  • Very durable, easy to handle and extremely tear resistant
  • Use the correct colors, line widths, letter and number fonts (typefaces) just like the originals
  • Once the adhesive permanently activates (a few hours later) these decals are locked in place for the life of your cluster
  • Gives you the closest thing possible to the OEM look in an easy to apply decal overlay
  • As close as you can get to concourse quality in a decal

To Apply our PremiumDashDecals Product:

These re the easiest decals around to apply, just peel the backing off, position them over the area you want them installed, slide them around to fine tune their exact positioning,,,, and then when you are happy with their location, simply PRESS THEM IN PLACE with your finger. If after doing this you are still not happy with their position you can carefully lift them back off the surface and reposition them. Smooth down from the center to the outside edges with a finger and you are done! The adhesive will now activate all on it own to become permanent. It really is that easy.

With each order you will receive:

  • Decal(s) as pictured in the listing above
  • A detailed 11 page instruction booklet showing you how to put them on like a professional and guides you in how to apply then to your odometer (if part of the kit)
  • A one sheet set of “Instructions for People That Don’t Read Instructions”
  • A website link so that if you prefer, you can download our instructional videos and actually watch a professional apply the decals to fuel gauges, ammeters, speedometers, odometers, oil pressure gauges etc
  • Free tech support if you have any questions regarding how to apply them

This kit comes exactly as you see it. If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to contact us. We also carry a full line of dash restoration supplies, voltage limiters, gasket sets and other cluster rebuild DIY parts so please feel free to check out our other stores listings. If you are uncomfortable with the DIY approach please contact us.

We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express over the phone for your convenience. Paypal and local pickup are also fine but please, no cash or personal cheques.

We are required to collect GST/HST (Federal Sales tax) on all Canadian orders, the exact rate depends on the province the item is shipped to.

Purchases shipped to US and foreign addresses pay NO TAX, only the item cost plus shipping.

Your order will be packed in an envelope with cardboard sleeve to ensure the decals don't get damaged during shipping. The item will be shipped out within 2 business days of receipt of payment. Shipping charges for postal airmail are fixed at $4.00 anywhere in USA and Canada. Most international decal orders can be shipped postal airmail for $7.00. If you need something really fast or with full tracking we can also do carriers such as UPS or FedEx or registered mail at additional cost.

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