Porsche Boxster 1997-2012 Convertible Top Pushrod Repair OEM Ball Joint Pair NEW for Sale

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NOTICE: Our large German shipment just arrived, and we are shipping all backorders and new orders within 24 hours. We know you need these parts quickly. We will ship same day whenever possible, and worse case next business day. Overnight shipments are available in the continental U.S., and expedited shipping is available for the rest of the world. Boxster owners, dealers, repair shops, quantity orderswelcome! We are experts in the Boxster convertible top (hood) mechanism, and provide complete instructions for the ball socket repair and support. We are always happy to answer any technical or business questions you might have. We have sold thousands of these ball sockets to happy customers all over the world. Thanks for your business and is a pair ofPorsche original equipment ball sockets whichscrew onto the end of the convertible top (hood) pushrods, complete with instructions.In the vast majority of cases, only the ball sockets need to be replaced, not the entire push rod assembly that Porsche sells for considerably more money.

Porsche Boxster 1997-2012 Convertible Top Pushrod Repair OEM BallJoint Pair

If your Boxster/Boxster Spowered convertible top won't move when the switch is activated, but the clamshell moves, chances are your pushrod plastic ball joints have broken. No need to replace both of the expensive pushrod assemblies with the ball joint, which isthe waythe Porsche dealers do it, plus tax and labor. We have a much easier and cost saving solution- simplyunscrew the old ball joints, and screw on new ones. Our ball joints are same ones produced by the same German original equipment manufacturer that supplies the Porsche factory,the same ones that are on all of the Porsche pushrod assemblies, and they are made to the same Porsche specifications.We highly recommend that you keep a spare pair of these ball joints in your car, so that you don't have tofind them in a hurry when your ball joints break. To inspect your Boxsterfor broken ball joints, see the procedure below.

History, Description, and Operation:

Porsche Boxster and S model years 1997-2012 (models 986 and 987) utilize two pushrod assemblies, one for each side, in the convertible top (hood) transmission mechanism to open and close the top. When the convertible top switch is activated by the driver, the pushrods convert rotational motion to forward motion for top up (closed), or reverse motion for top down (open). The plastic ball joints (which we like to call ball sockets) are the pivital part of the pushrod assembly, and are by design, the weak link in the transmission mechanism in the event the system is mechanically stressed for any reason. Through normal use and age, one of the plastic ball sockets eventually cracks and breaks at the ball joint union, which puts additional stress on the other ball joint, causing it to break also. The typical remedy for most Porsche Boxster owners who see the convertible top as too complex to fix, take it to the dealer for the repair. Or, if they are a DIY type person, they buy the necessary parts from a Porsche dealer, and do the repair themselves to save the labor. Porsche does not sell the ball sockets individually, just the entire assembly, so if all one needs is the ball socket (in 99% of the cases), the metal part is not used, and often thrown away.

Here are the current Porsche part numbers and prices for a pair of the pushrod assemblies:

986 Boxster 1997-2004 (with red ball socket) Porsche P/N 986-561-279-02 $154.58 plus installation labor, tax/shipping

987 Boxster 2005-2006 through chassis # 986U7 31340 (with white ball socket) Porsche P/N 987-561-279-00 $96 plus installation labor, tax/shipping

987 Boxster 2006-2012 from chassis # 986U7 31340 (with white ball socket) Porsche P/N 987-561-279-01 $96 plus installation labor, tax/shipping

There are also some aftermarket pushrods for the early 986 Boxsters with ball sockets attached for a bit less money, but you still have to buy the whole assembly and it's much easier to just screw the ball caps onto the existing pushrods, rather than replacing the entire assembly.

There are some aftermarket manufactured plastic ball sockets being sold, but they are not original equipment, and there are steel ball sockets available that fit, but if installed, they are no longer the weak link in the system, so should your top bind during operation for some reason, you might be looking at an expensive transmission failure or damage to the top itself, so we don't recommend that solution.

Our Affordable Easy Solution to the Breaking Ball Sockets

We are the exclusive U.S. importer from the German manufacturer of the same ball sockets used by Porsche. These are the same, new, original equipment ball sockets with the same German specifications made of Delrin (TM) plastic (black in color), they are fully tested, and compatible in every way with the pushrods used on the full range of 986 and 987 Boxsters model years 1997-2012 with powered convertible tops, so you can forget about remembering the three different pushrod versions if you replace only the ball sockets. The new 2013 model 981 however, uses an entirely different convertible top mechanism, so if you're lucky enough to own one of those new Boxsters, congratulations! If, however,you've been a 986 or 987 Boxster owner for a few years like me, or you're a professional who works with these cars, you've probably experienced a failure of the ball sockets. If you haven't yet, I'm pretty sure you will. The ball sockets can be replaced by a professional technician or a DIY home mechanic with reasonable mechanical skill. The only tools required are a medium sized screwdriver, a pliers, a 12mm open end wrench makes tightening and loosening easier, some tape and a flashlight, so the installation can be done anywhere. We send full instructions for the removal of the old ball sockets, inspecting the top mechanism, and installing the replacement ball sockets, and we're available if you have questions before or after the sale. We only sell these in pairs, because if one breaks the other will shortly, and recommend that you keep an extra pair of these ball sockets in the car just in case, because unfortunately, the ball sockets will not let you know they're going to fail in the next week.

Added Bonus- Porsche Boxster 986 and 987 Parts Catalogs!

For a limited time, we are including along with the ball socket installation instructions CD,twocomplete parts catalogs with illustrations and Porsche factory part numbers for Boxster models 986 and 987.

Also, be sure to check out our factory repair manuals in Adobe Acrobat format on compact disk for the Boxster series and other fine cars in our store. Just click on the red door above.

Inspection, Repair, Installation and Testing

We will send detailed instructions in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format onthe CD includedwith the ball joints, but here's a summary. It's really quite easy when you know how, just a bit hard to describe.

1) Move the convertible top to the service position, with the front of the top approximately 18" from the window frame,and with the clamshell at a 45 degreeangle from the body. If both ball sockets are broken, only the clamshell will move. In that case, movethe topmanually.

2) Detach the lower rear of convertible top from the plastic clamps by pulling downward.

3) Remove the shiny steel ball joints on the end of steel cables and attached to the lowerrear on each side of the top by prying them off with a screwdriver.These are not the ball joints for repair. We'll get there.

4)Raise the rear of the convertible top, remove the velcro strap, and attach it to the front of the convertible top frame to hold the rear of the top away from your work. Ifthe topwon't stay in the uprightposition, most likely both pushrods are broken, so have a helper holdthe topfor you.

5) Locate the pushrods with the white or red or black plastic ball joints on each side of the mechanism.Usuallyboth of the ball joints will be brokenat the center of the round joint, but not always. Inspect the area around the pushrods for any damage or holes from the wayward pushrods, and compare the pushrodswith each other. They should look identical with the same bends.They are pretty hefty, so it's very unusual for them to bend. Locate the ball on the mechanism that mates with the ball joint. If you don't see any damage, proceed.

6)I foundit is easier to attach the ball joints with the top down, and with the pushrods rotated to the rear. IMPORTANT: Place a piece of tape on the threads below the base of each of theplastic ball joints so you have a reference point when you screw the new ball joints in.

7) Remove the old ball joint from the pushrod with a 12mm open end wrench or pliers.

8) Screw thenew ball joint onto the pushrod up to the tape reference, orienting it facing inward to mate with the ball. Place the ball joint over the ball.

9) With a medium or large screwdriver, using the rubber trim of the body as a lever, carefully push the ball joint onto the ball until it snaps in place. Repeat the process on the other side.

10) Remove all ofyour tools from around the top and the cavities, remove the strap, place it on the velco,reattach the shiny ball joints, insert the lower part of the top in the holder.

11) Testing- Using theconvertible topswitch, move the top all the way down, and make sure it seats. Move the top all the way up, and make sure it seats, and that the latch works properly. There is adjustment provided in the pushrods ifthe top isn't seating properly, but if you screwed the new ball jointsto the reference point, it shouldn't require any adjustment.

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