PT SRT4 16 Rockers Neon SRT-4 DOHC RACE Clean Dodge Plymouth 4884042AA for Sale

Price: $33

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You are offerding on 16 Used Rocker arms. These are the improved 'PT Rockers.' Unlike original 2.0 and 2.4 DOHC Rockers, new style 2.4 rockers have an improved tip to prevent breakage..Only certain year 2.4 rockers are an upgrade, older 2.4's (and 2.0 DOHC's) had a rocker prone to breakage during high RPM usage.These rockers are a direct replacement for the 2.0 Neon DOHC. These also function on the 2.4.
If you are using aftermarket camshafts, these are a MUST! I notice no defects in these items. The rollers have no fatigue flaking, the tips are smooth, and the ball area is free of galling.You may use any style adjusters (aka 'lifters') with these rockers.I ship USPS Priority, fast 'n Free.
I will also get the package to the shipper ASAP; Please see my response.Good luck offerding!

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