Oldsmobile Olds 455 Stroker Turn Key Crate Engine 525HP for Sale

Price: $13,400

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We are Precision Auto Machine in McMinnville TN about 70 miles south east of Nashville.We have been in business since 1994.We have a state of the art 11,000 sq ft machine shop with top of the line equipment for engine rebuilding.We machine and build everything from stock 4cyl to blown Hemi race engines.If your looking for something specific give us a call at 931-815-3260 Mon-Fri 8-5:30 CST and we can work you up a price. Our engines are assembled with provenquality parts and machined on the most up to date modern machines by quality professional engine builders.We take pride in our engines producing maximum horsepower andengine longevity.We 100% Guarantee all machine work on our engines.Quality engines and quality service is what we offer.We build the best and fix the rest!Why are our engines sometimes higher that other sellers.Simple answer is QUALITY! We take the time to inspect every part before assembly and our machining equipment is superior to most.We are not a small one man shop or an assembly line engine builder.Each engine is fully machined using the newest and state of the art machinery.There is a cheap way to do machine work and there is the correct way through experience and quality equipment.Each of our employees is fully trained and knowledgeable of engines and loves to build hands on quality engines.We take the time to check and measure every aspect of the engine.Check every bearing clearance,check valve to piston clearance,degree camshaft,oil pump pickup clearance,roller button clearance,valve train geometry,and the list goes on and on.These parts aren't just bolted on without checking everything first.Engine building is the same as every product in life you have cheaper versions of the real thing but the quality of cheap wont hold up.Also our customer service is gos far beyond the call of duty. We strive to help out our customers in a friendly and Godly manner.We are not a here today and gone tomorrow business.Details

Olds 455 Seasoned Block

* Thermal cleaned and shot penned
* Magnufluxed
* Bored & Power Stroke Honed(centered with mains)
* Align honed w/ ARP main Studs (main bore housing where crank goes)
* Decked for flat head surface
* New Clevite cam bearings installed
* New Elgin Brass freeze plugs installed
* New oil galley plugs installed
* Painted Color Choice

Rotating assembly

* Eagle "ESP" 4.500" Cast Steel crankshaft
* Eagle H-Beam 7.100" rods
* Clevite Rod & Main Bearings
* Mahle Dish Top Pistons 10.5:1 Compression
* Mahle moly rings
* Rotating assembly balanced to race specs with printed spec sheet(.02 of oz. inch or within 2 grams)

Edelbrock Performer RPM Cylinder Heads

* 77cc combustion chambers
* 188cc intake runners
* Bronze valve guides
* Hardened valve seats
* 2.072" and 1.680" Stainless Steel valves
* All seats have multi-angles with radius for maximum flow
* Matching roller valve springs,hardened retainers,and hardened keepers to camshaft

Camshaft specs

* Comp Cams Hydraulic Roller Big Mutha Thumper 299 Cam & Retro Fit Roller Lifters
* 7/16 Screw in studs & guide plates
* ARP head bolts
* Comp Cams hardened pushrods
* Comp Cams High Energy 1.6 full roller rocker arms with polly locks
* Comp Cams double row timing set

Fuel & Ignition

* Quick Fuel SS 830cfm Carburetor
* Edelbrock Performer RPM Intake
* MSD Pro Billet Distributor
* MSD 8.5mm Plug Wires
* NGK Spark Plugs

Also Includes

* Chrome 5quart oil pan
* Melling oil pump pick up
* Melling oil pump
* Melling Hardened 1 piece oil pump shaft
* Fel-Pro Complete Gaskets
* GM Performance Oldsmobile Logo Aluminum Valve Covers
* Grommets & Billet Breathers included
* Olds timing cover
* 8" Harmonic Balancer & ARP Balancer Bolt
* Chrome Dipstick
* All new oil pan,timing cover,valve cover,& intake bolts

This engine will be Dyno Tested and run through the break in process.We will have it tuned in with the correct timing.Carburetor will be jetted for performance as well as drivability.

Engine makes 525 HP @ 5800 RPM & 585 Ft Lbs of TQ @ 4500 RPM on premium pump gas

After purchase engine usually ships in 6-8 weeks.


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