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Fits Nissan 200SX Stanza Wagon 82-89 CA20E Short Block NSBCA20 for Sale

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Fits Nissan 200SX Stanza Wagon 82-89 CA20E Short Block NSBCA20

Price: $500

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Maybe need 1-3 working days. Please contact us for availability and Shipping quote. JIS Part# NSBCA20

86-89 Stanza Wagon, CA20E
84-89 200SX, CA20E

2.0L, SOHC, L4, 8Valves

NEW parts installed:
FREEZE PLUGS (if apply)
Reconditioned crankshaft

*US$100.00 core charge needs to be added on shipping fee.*

All units sold on exchange basis, core deposit is required.

1 PIN REMOVER -- to avoid connecting rod damage 2 PIN INSTALLER -- even heat with temperature to install piston pin smoothly 3 ROD RESIZER -- to make the rod surface is true round and smooth 4 HONE MACHINE -- precision hone for ultimate performance 5 WASHER -- high heat and pressure to clean internal dirt for passage 6 POLISHER -- to smooth the surface of crankshaft 7 SIMTEST -- 100% TESTED, BEST QUALITY!!
Our First Class Machine shop has been using this top quality parts for many years.
Highly satisfaction by lots of machine shops and many garages around the world. WE ALSO CARRY OVER 7000 ITEMS OF:
engine long block, crankshaft kit, cylinder head, full gasket set, head gasket set,
head gasket, valve cover gasket, manifold gasket set, camshaft seal, valve stem seals,
oil pan gasket, rear main seal, front crank seal, main bearings, rod bearings, freeze plugs,
thrust washers, balance shaft bearings, pistons, piston rings, intake and exhaust valves,
oil pump, timing belt, timing chain kit, belt tensioner, belt idler, water pump

We have been in auto engines and parts business for more than 18 years. We import high quality engine parts directly from manufactures. In addition, we have a first-class machine shop in our 15,000 square feet facilities for all rebuilt cylinder heads, short blocks and engines. We offer the best prices and best quality auto engine parts on E-bay.
We have over 7000 items of engine parts in stock and ready to ship.

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