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New SNOW PLOW / BLADE Wing Extensions Buyers PW22 PRO WINGS Commercial Grade for Sale

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New SNOW PLOW / BLADE Wing Extensions Buyers PW22 PRO WINGS Commercial Grade

Price: $230

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New PW22 Pro WingsSnowplow Wing Extensions, ADD 20" to your plow and reduce plow time by up to 50%!Provide an additional 20" of blade width with minimal increase in plow weight. Trailoff is greatly reduced. Reduces plow time by 25%-50%! Fits most pickup-mounted snowplows. Easy installation - no special tools required. The tripping action of your plow is not affected by the Pro-Wings. Long lasting rubber edge helps prevent damage to the wings. Do NOT Use with the following:Pro-wings are not recommended for Meyer® 2 Meter, Western® 8-1/2' or, any brand 9' or 10' plows, except the
Meyer® 9' plow. NOT for use on any POLY plow.

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