New Ford Inline 6 cylinder 170, 200, 250 HEI DISTRIBUTOR UPGRADE Straight 6 for Sale

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Brand NewFordStraight 6 - Inline 6 HEI Distributor Upgrade!
170, 200, 250 w/ 5/16" Hex Shaft

Guaranteed 100% NEW with no used or rebuilt components!

Comes ready to drop-in with a Simple 1 Wire Hookup!

*cap color may vary depending on availability

What a CRT HEI Distributorcan do for you:

The coil used in HIGH ENERGY ignition systems puts out over 50,000 volts of usable spark energy to your spark plugs! Since you are now delivering over 65,000 volts of power to your spark plugs, you have a HOTTER SPARK. This hotter spark will burn your fuel and vapors more thoroughly, resulting in lower emissions. It will aslo consume less fuel, thus increasing gas mileage!

This "hotter spark" also causes your engine to respond better to "cold starts". You will notice far quicker engine starts even in cold weather.

That's not all...The hotter spark also creates a larger combustion in your piston chambers, therefore INCREASES YOUR HORSEPOWER AND TORQUE!

The "male" spark plug terminal posts on the HEI cap gives you a much better contact between your spark plug wires and distributor cap. Also, the spaced apart terminal posts on the HEI reduces cross-firing and thus produces a far smoother idle!


*Adjustable Vacuum Advance Canister for better performance advance curve.

*High quality bronze bushing for reduced friction and extended life.

*Corrosion resistant shaft reduces friction and provides concentric operation.

*Fitted with a HEAVY DUTY gear that is ground to exact tolerances for tighter mesh with cam for years of performance through the harshest conditions.

*HEAVY DUTYCRT 65K volt coil to produce an increased spark to light the fuel mixture for high performance.

*High quality Brass Terminals for maximum high voltage transfer.

*Precision advance weights and center plate eliminate erratic timing.

100% Brand New Complete Unit Includes: Body, Shaft, Gear, High PerformanceCRT 50K Coil, Cap, Rotor, HEI Module, and Dust Cover.


THOUSANDS of satisfied customers for over 10 years!

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