New 2 Rear L/R ABS Wheel Speed Sensor for Mercedes W221 W216 S550 S600 CL550 for Sale

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    ABS Wheel Speed Sensor;theoneisrear Left;the other is RearRight
    Replace Part Number:

    2215400117221 540 0117
    221 540 09 17

        Installation method:

        1)wheel speed sensor wiring bracket is mounted to the control arm and the bottom plate of the vehicle.
        2)wheel speed sensor is mounted to the steering knuckle. After the wheel speed sensor wiring bolts to 10lbf ft stent (16N - M), the festival will turn to tighten the fixing bolt to 16 LBF - FT (22N·m).
        3)wheel speed sensor wiring connector pass through the hole in the floor, and the joint wiring connector connect again after receiving the suspension, tighten the plastic clip.
        4) check the wheel speed sensor gap: (1) Check whether there is damage to the wheel pulse signal generatorwith the teeth. (2) Rotating drive shaft with
        hand, measuring gap between wheel speed sensor and a pulse generator wheel.the drive shaft is to rotated a circle, check the gap. The standard clearance is 0.02-0.04in (0.5-1.0mm). (3) If the gap exceeds the standard value, check the steering knuckle and pulse generator wheel have been out of shape.
        5) Install the rear wheel and fall under the vehicle.
        6) To tight the wheel nuts to 80 LBF - FT (110N - M).
        7)picking up the battery negative connection.
        8) Turn the ignition switch to "on" (open) position, but do not start the engine. Open the anti lock braking system indicator. Start the engine and check whether the indicator closed. If the engine rotates, flashing lights, is not bright or not, it must be of system.
        9) To install the trunk lid once again.

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        Package Included :
        2 ABS Speed Sensors

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