NOS Sneeky Pete Hidden Nitrous System Kit With 10 oz. Bottle 05029NOS for Sale

Price: $278.74

The Sneeky Pete was designed as a true "Cheater Kit". This kit will enable you to obtain that extra tenth of a second without being obvious. It will be necessary to jet the carburetors a little richer (over and above what is normal, since you will have to compensate for the nitrous from the Sneeky Pete) while being "sneeky" since no additional fuel source is utilized. The kit comes complete with a compact, easy to conceal 10 oz bottle, nitrous solenoid, nozzle, 8' nylon nitrous line, wiring and an assortment of jets.

Features:Used Bottle and solenoid.

New Nozzle, Nitrous Line, Fittings, Switch And Mounting Hardware.

  • Obtain Extra Tenth Of Second Without Being Obvious
  • No Additional Fuel Source Needed
  • Totally Portable System
  • Includes jetting for 20, 25, and 30 horsepower settings
  • Instruction Manual


Size10 oz

Brand NOS

Jetting Horsepower20, 25, 30HP

Jet StyleFunnel 

Max Horsepower 40HP

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