NOS 1966 1967 GTO WHEEL OPENING MOULDING SET OF 4 (?) 9785448 R/F  9785449 L/F + for Sale

Price: $575.00

This is confusing for me and I am trying to be as honest and helpful as possible. I bought new wheel opening mouldings from my dealership decades ago for my 1966 and 1967 GTO's. I kept extra ones as spares since they did get scraped a lot in the old days. The paper wrappers have disintegrated over the past half century and along with them went some part numbers to ID them. I for sure have both front mouldings with the part numbers 9785448 9785449. I have two others that look like they may be the same or slightly different to fit the rear? if you have more than one 1966 or 1967 GTO then they will all be useful some how. This may be 2 sets of fronts. There are 4 mouldings in all. Being sold as is and please do your own research before buying. I am trying to price them realistically considering the confusion. You will receive exactly what is in the photos. I no longer have these cars and I do need the space here. Can you get your old ones straightened and polished for the price of these brand new factory ones? They will be well packed and shipped fast and free to the continental USA.
Thanks for looking!

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