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Our Part Number: 6471

100% Brand NEW Aftermarket Part From DB Electrical

Applications: MAKE TYPE MODEL YEAR ENGINE CADILLACAuto and Light TruckALLANTE19934.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckCONCOURS19944.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckCONCOURS19954.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckCONCOURS19964.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckCONCOURS19974.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckCONCOURS19984.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckCONCOURS19994.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckDEVILLE19964.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckDEVILLE19974.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckDEVILLE19984.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckDEVILLE19994.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckDEVILLE20004.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckDEVILLE20014.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckDEVILLE20024.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckDEVILLE20034.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckDEVILLE20044.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckDEVILLE20054.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckELDORADO19934.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckELDORADO19944.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckELDORADO19954.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckELDORADO19964.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckELDORADO19974.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckELDORADO19984.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckELDORADO19994.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckELDORADO20004.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckELDORADO20014.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckELDORADO20024.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckSEVILLE19934.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckSEVILLE19944.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckSEVILLE19954.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckSEVILLE19964.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckSEVILLE19974.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckSEVILLE19984.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckSEVILLE19994.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckSEVILLE20004.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckSEVILLE20014.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckSEVILLE20024.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckSEVILLE20034.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckSEVILLE20044.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckSRX20044.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckSRX20054.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckSTS20054.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckXLR20044.6L(281) V8CADILLACAuto and Light TruckXLR20054.6L(281) V8OLDSMOBILEAuto and Light TruckAURORA19954.0L(244) V8OLDSMOBILEAuto and Light TruckAURORA19964.0L(244) V8OLDSMOBILEAuto and Light TruckAURORA19974.0L(244) V8OLDSMOBILEAuto and Light TruckAURORA19984.0L(244) V8OLDSMOBILEAuto and Light TruckAURORA19994.0L(244) V8OLDSMOBILEAuto and Light TruckAURORA20014.0L(244) V8OLDSMOBILEAuto and Light TruckAURORA20024.0L(244) V8OLDSMOBILEAuto and Light TruckAURORA20034.0L(244) V8PONTIACAuto and Light TruckBONNEVILLE20044.6L(281) V8PONTIACAuto and Light TruckBONNEVILLE20054.6L(281) V8
Specifications: Unit TypeStarterPart TypePMGR BriefCADILLAC 1993-94

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Replaces these part numbers: AC DELCO323-1432, 323-1463, 323-481, 323-489, 336-1909, 336-1914DELCO10465144, 10465294, 10465523, 10465558, 19136218, 19136223, 9000775, 9000805, 9000862, 9000876, 9000896, 9000913, CM9805GENERAL MOTORS12563879, 12563919, 12572141, 12574832LESTER6443, 6471LESTER (OLD)6477
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