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Mustang Steering wheel replacement badge / emblem for all Mustang GT's 05-09. UNIQUE! These are polyurethene emblems similar to a dash trim kit.

Silver lettering over Black

The installation instructions are as follows:

Mustang 05-09 Steering Wheel Badge - Please read carefully before installing:

1) Remove the stock badge by carefully prying it up with a thin screwdriver or similar tool, it takes a little doing to get underneath it.
The stock badge has 6 thin metal prongs that keep it in place, once you lift one of them up, work around the circle and the others come up easily.
You will NOT be able to take the badge off without ruining it, but hey, you replacing it for a reason, right?

2) Once you have the old badge off, I suggest putting crazy glue gel around the edge of the area where the new badge will sit.
Then simply peel the backing off the new badge and center it and stick it on.
Be careful not to get crazy glue on the outside of the emblem, it will not come off easily.

3) Enjoy the new look!

Thanks for looking

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