Mopar "TUFF" Steering Wheel A B E Body Cars 70 71 72 73 74 Duster Dart Cuda GTX for Sale

Price: $70

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This is what's commonly referred to as the "TUFF" steering wheel that was optional equipment, on the 1970's A body, and i guess even the B & E body line of cars, during those years.

The metal spokes of the wheel are in very good condition. No pitts, scrapes, scratches, divots, in the metal.

But the rubber of the wheel does have sunburn, around the top 11:00 - 1:00 position of the wheel. Don't know much more about the wheel. I don't have a center cap for it, so don't ask. What you see, is what your offerding on, and buying. Sold "as is" condition. I have been asked if the steering wheel material is "soft" or "hard," but i don't have any other wheel to compare it too. The rubber, if that's what it is, does feel soft, and squishy, if that's what i can describe it as. You people that know more about these wheels can determine better than i can.

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