Mitsubishi Kia Turbo Air Intake Supercharger Fan Power Charger - for Sale

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Introducing the 2011 AI Power Charger™

1. This will only fit vehicles with internal air intake diameters between 2.5-3 inches
2. While item specifics are listed - MOST V8 engines and higher will have too large of an intake diameter tube. PLEASEMAIL if you have a V8 or larger.
3. Full Refunds if not satisfied!

Thank you for looking at our brand new AI Power Charger™

Improved air flow allows a vehicle to create more power, run more smoothly and burn less fuel. These principles have been known for many years, but since now ONLY a full air intake replacement was the option most performance seekers had to turn to. Our AI Power Charger™ in 3 easy steps, will have about 60% of the improved air flow a FULL air intake replacement would bring at a FRACTION of the cost.

Unlike the rest comes with 2 installation rubber couplers in a professional box with FREE expedited Shipping!

Please watch this brief video of the AI Power Charger™ to see what it looks like installed in the throttle body:

Instead of just wrapping your item in a plain package like the cheap made units you see on , the AI Power Charger™ is professionaly packaged
comes with a full money back guarantee AND lifetime warranty! If it ever breaks, Deal Buddy will replace your AI Power Charger™

Simply open the air intake tube and place our AI Power Charger™ in front of your Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) and you are now enjoying the full benefits of supercharged air flow adding extra power to your engine. All you need are basic tools - Can be easily done by the amateur!


1. Remove air inlet hose located between air purifier. 2. Install the AI Power Charger inside the air inlet hose. 3.If the AI Power Charger is smaller than your cars air inlet hose, use the 2 plastic ring attachments to increase its diameter so it can fit in the tubing. 4. If it is too loose, you will need to fasten some electrical or duct tape to make it more snug.

More and more of us have to keep our older vehicles longer due to the economy. Add some resale, performance, efficiency and smiles to your ride with our easy to install AI Power Charger™

FREE ADDED VALUE BONUS - 2X the Rubber Couplers Included!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this item fit my vehicle? I see that my vehicle is listed in the compatibilities, but I wanted to make sure.
A: As long as the intake diameter tubing is between 2.5 and 3 inches in diameter our AI Power Charger™ will fit with no issues. However if you have a V8 engine, some option packages will make this diameter larger, most V8 Trucks and Large Sedans must be verified prior to purchasing or purchasing a $1 clamp from any parts store to hold it securely. While 's system works very well, it is not 100% accurate.

Q: What kind of performance/efficiency gains can I expect?
A: Most vehicles will see a noticeable gain of anywhere from 6-10 horsepower in addition to 1-2 mpg of fuel savings. While this does not sound huge, it is an accurate TESTED description of our product. Unlike the false claims of others, we only state what you should expect - not what you can dream about.

Q: What if my vehicle has a dual air intake system - Will I need two AI Power Charger's™?
A: Yes, vehicles with a dual air intake system must use two (2) AI Power Charger's™ to make sure you have equal air pressure on both engine sides.

Q: Does this come in any other color than Silver?
A: Currently, our AI Power Charger™ is only available in anodized Silver aluminum. Once installed in the throttle body the color or device cannot be seen.

Q: How quickly can I expect to receive my product?
A: We ship same day Monday-Friday if an order is placed before 3:00 Eastern. Most orders reach their destination in 3-4 business days.

Q: Does your AI Power Charger™ work with an after market air intake like from AEM/K&N?
A: Yes, as long as the internal diameter is between 2.5 and 3 inches it will work. However, if it is larger it will require a small bit of custom work in ensuring it fits by wrapping the exterior with some rubber tape OR purchasing a $1 clamp from any parts store to hold it in place.

Q: What if I am not satisfied? Am I stuck with something I don't like / can't use?
A: If you are not totally satisfied, please shoot us a quick e-mail and we can offer you a full refund or exchange with no questions asked!



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