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Mercedes SLK 230 320 Hydraulic Ram Repair Kit Headliner for Sale

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Mercedes SLK 230 320 Hydraulic Ram Repair Kit Headliner

Price: $35

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This sale is for the PARTS and MANUAL for rebuilding the 5 hydraulic cylinders that raise, lower, and lock the SLK's retractable hardtop .
Is your headliner wrinkled and bubbled? Do you have oil spots in your trunk? If so, the hydraulic cylinders that retract your convertible hardtop are most likely leaking.Lucky for you, you’ve found the easy, affordable, and only permanent way to fix ALL FIVE of the problematic cylinders in your hydraulic system yourself! If you can change the oil in your car, you can install this COMPREHENSIVE parts kit with 43 pages of highly detailed instructions and 100+ pictures that walk you through the process step by step. And if you have a question, you will have my personal phone number (contained in the instructions).This kit is designed for the Mercedes R170 chassis:
1997 - 2004 Mercedes-Benz SLK200
1997 - 2004 Mercedes-Benz SLK200 Kompressor
1998 - 2004 Mercedes-Benz SLK230 Kompressor
2001 - 2004 Mercedes-Benz SLK320
2001 - 2004 Mercedes-Benz SLK32 AMGPlease see my other sales for a special tool for refilling your hydraulic pump once you've rebuilt your leaking actuators. item number 280753439707. Thank you, Marty

For repair of Mercedes Benz part numbers:

170 800 0072 / 170 800 00 72 / 1708000072 (Front lock to windshield)

170 800 0572 / 170 800 05 72 / 1708000572 (Left main drive)

170 800 0672 / 170 800 06 72 / 1708000672 (Right main drive)

170 800 0372 / 170 800 03 72 /1708000372 (Left trunk lid)

170 800 0272 / 170 800 03 72 / 1708000372 (Right trunk lid)

10 reasons why you should choose this rebuild kit:REASON 1: No need to remove the actuators from your car. The hydraulic lines are permanently affixed to the actuators at the factory. And fishing those thin, stiff hydraulic lines through the various tight cavities of the SLK is incredibly difficult and time-consuming. Just consider trying to get the lines in and out of the B pillar. Not my idea of fun.REASON 2: Here’s the root of the problem: The material--Novathan--that Mercedes used for the seals in the five hydraulic cylinders that retract your hardtop isn’t compatible with the hydraulic fluid they use. THIS IS THE SAME POLYURETHANE MATERIAL THAT OTHERS HERE ON INSTALL WITH THEIR "SERVICE." Go figure. So those seals are continually breaking down and eventually leak--this is especially the case in warmer climates. REASON 3: The o-rings in this kit are composed of Nitrile rubber. This rubber WON’T break down like the Mercedes seals, ensuring a leak-free repair that will last a lifetime. These stout o-rings provide frictionless actuation of the hydraulic cylinders without rolling.REASON 4: This kit contains all the parts you need to rebuild ALL FIVE problematic hydraulic cylinders: the one above the headliner that locks the top to the windshield, the two in the front of the trunk that raise the top, and the seals in the two hydraulic cylinders on the sides of the trunk that raise the trunk lid.REASON 5: My repair method takes less than 4 hours from start to finish--with common tools that you already have in your garage. And it's actually fun and easy!REASON 6: If you go to the dealer, they are going to quote you something in the neighborhood of $4,000 to fix the problem. Now, that’s a nice neighborhood, but the Mercedes parts are only going to leak again. That is just insanity. And I feel for those people who have been suckered in by the “stealer” for that repair, lacking other options. It really should be a warranty issue, as Mercedes screwed up.REASON 7: I work as a professional copywriter. My 43 pages of instructions are clear and highly detailed WITH 100+ PICTURES that walk you step by step through the repair process. The 43-page instruction manual alone is worth the price of admission. To say nothing of the components included in the kit to rebuild your leaking hydraulic actuators and fix the problem once and for all. A sample page is provided here to give you a sense of the quality of the instructions.REASON 8: If you have a question, I'm only a phone call away. I give you my personal phone number in the instructions.REASON 9: My stellar response.REASON 10: Your money back if you're not satisfied. But you should know that I've sold more than 1,000 of these kits to date--to many many satisfied customers. :) People love this kit!Recent customer testimonials:"Marty, the kit was a breeze! Took me 1.5 hours, and it works great. Awesome job on the instructions. No issues. I was so relieved that I wasn't going to have to spend a ton of money to get my top working again!" -R. Allford

"Hey Marty, I was looking on and found an SLK actuator for sale: $368.00 + $15.00 shipping! YOU ARE A LIFE-/MONEY-SAVER. I would like to thank you for your time putting together the kit and detailed directions." -Monty

"This kit saved me hours and hours of looking for spotty information from all over the Internet. Kudos for the comprehensive parts kit and the great instructions. Sure, I could have bought a set of o-rings for less. But then where would I have been without the other parts and your manual? I couldn't have repaired my SLK without your COMPREHENSIVE KIT AND THE GREAT INSTRUCTIONS." -A. Allred"Marty, Thanks for all your help. I'm still amazed at the quality and detail of your instruction manual. You are an excellent technical writer." -R. Brolliar"Great instructions, Marty! Would've taken me days otherwise." -M. MichalekAlso, check out my recent response for what others are saying about this incredibly easy-to-use kit. As they say, "You get what you pay for."
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