Mercedes Benz Engine Belt Wrap Kit E55 CLS55 S55 SL55 CL55 AMG for Sale

Price: $475

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Belt wrap kits ready.

1) Increases belt wrap of crank pulley and supercharger pulley to help eliminate the dreaded belt slip
2) Stops loss of boost from belt slip during peak loads and when clutch engages
3) Uses ASP idler pulley with high speed rated ZZ bearings.
4) Promotes longer lasting belt and less dust
5) Test have shown any where from .5 to 1.5psi of boost increase during peak loads
6) Easier to tune car with more consistent boost levels and less fluctuation during peak load
7) Easy to install and kit also braces the double idler pulley`s to eliminate them from flexing under load . This double idler flexing causes belt tension to decrease and more belt slip.

Please make sure to notate your pulley size / combo in the notes description so the appropriate belt size can be supplied.
Detailed install instructions and pictures will be included with the kit.

Contents of kit:

1. Idler pulley
2. Bolts
3. Brace
4. Bracket
5. Gates Belt

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