Mazda Rx7 Rx-7 New Reproduction Outer Window seal Set 1979 To 1985 for Sale

Price: $66.0

Here you will be getting 2 New Reproduction {Left & Right} Outer window seals shown in the photo.. These are the seals that sit on top of the door on the on the outside of the glass .this item sits between the glass and the door panel of your 1st gen Rx7 over the many years of use these seals will dry out and get harder and will chip off into pieces making your Rx7 look a lot older than it should. this is a item that any one can change in about 5 min each side depending on how the old one comes out Mazda stopped making these early 2019, so we are now making them and have them in stock and ready to go. Let me know if there is anything else you need for your Mazda as I am growing to supply Parts for the whole Mazda Community If you wish to know more about us click on the Me next to my name! We have been in business in Washington State since 1982, We manufacture and sell quality parts for your Mazda! Please Email any questions you might have. Thanks for stopping by and have a zoom zoom day!

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