Manual Boost Controller Dodge Neon SRT4 Chrysler PT GT Cruiser turbo G2 valve for Sale

Price: $60

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The original Boostvalve that I designed was a great design and I sold it for over 10 years but now I have made several improvements and have a new Boost Controller called the G2 series BoostValve. The buy the only genuine "GILLIS VALVE" from me, Ric Gillis' BoostValve.

Increase your turbo boost pressure with your stock wastegate actuator.
No need to buy an expensive aftermarket wastegate!
Chipped or stock ECUNo more surging or dangerous boost spikes.

Complete kit Includes a high quality, BoostValve boost controller and all necessary hoses and fittingsto install in your car.Fastest turbo response
Spool up quicker, less lag, more boost at lower RPM's even at factory stock peak boost levels.Peak boost at lower RPM's
Outperforms factory and aftermarket solenoid bleed systems.More Horsepower
Adjustable boostforfull power +10 to +30 HP increase or more.Improved Driveability
Eliminatesurging over boost and computer error codes

  • The Best performance gain for your money
  • 10's of thousands of satisfied customers
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to adjust (no tools necessary)
  • Very Low spiking
  • Precision made in America with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • All New anodized aluminum adjuster cap and valve body
  • Indexed adjuster knob with new tool-less knurled lock ring.
  • Easy to adjust and set the boost in in your peak boost with the adjuster knob and then lock itin place.Once set, your peak boost will hold steady at your desired preset level every time your car reaches peak boost, no more wasting time under the hood or worrying later, just set & forget, superreliable, once set you can dependon yourBoostValve knowing your car will perform its best!

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