MTEC H8 12W CREE LED Angel Eye Halo Ring Bulbs BMW F01 F02 750 ALPINA B7 2012 for Sale

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This Listing Is for a BRAND NEW Pair of Two

MTEC H8 BMW Angel Eyes LED Bulbs for

BMW F01 F02 7 Series 2012 Models Only


EXTREME Power True 12W LED chips made by Genuine CREE LED



Plug & Play Installation


You only need two bulbs to cover four rings.




MTEC H8 Angel Eye Bulb utilizes a full-bodied aluminum heat sink and TRUE 12W ultra high-performanceGenuine CREE LED chips that are not overdriven as seen with other competitors' offering.

This allows for efficient cooling and maximum LED output over an extended period of time without overheating, dimming or pre-mature failure.


Attention to Smart Buyers:

High Wattage does NOT mean Brighter

Recently, a lot of manufacturers from China claim their angel eye bulbs to be 20W, and they use CREE LED chips as well.

So their light bulbs are the brightest in the market. Is it true?

In order to test how bright they are, we bought a couple sets to test.

Here are the testing results of MTEC and China Made 20W Bulbs.

MTEC 12W H8 = 909.2 Lumens


MTEC 12W H8 (6W / Bulb * 2 Bulbs = 12W)


China 20W H8 = 718.1 Lumens


China 20W H8 (10W / Bulb * 2 Bulbs = 20W)


China 20W H8 = 816 Lumens


China 20W H8 (10W / Bulb * 2 Bulbs = 20W)


China 10W H8 = 553 Lumens


China 12W H8 (6W / Bulb * 2 Bulbs = 12W)


Based on the testing result, clearly none of those bulbs emit brighter light than MTEC does.

Why? Don't they use the same CREE Chips? Are they not 20W LED Bulbs?

The answers are NO!

On the bulbs we tested, one of the them use FAKE CREE chips.

One uses the real CREE chips, but they are not the latest version of chips from CREE.

So the chips do not emit as bright light as the chips on the MTEC do.

Besides, none of them are really 20W as they claimed.

So don't be fooled with the "Higher Wattage = Brighter Light"

They are NOT true!

Be sure to buy bulbs with brand names.

All the Chinese made bulbs we bought do not have brand name on the packages.

They just came in with plain box.

Who will you talk to when you have warranty issue?


MTEC has been making the angel eye bulbs for many years.

They are not ashamed to put their logo on the products they make.


Don't put cheap stuffs on your BMWs just to save a few bucks.

Your BMW deserves better!



The Brightest One in the Market!

(Update: MTEC Version 2 is brighter)

Stock Halogen Light VS. MTEC H8 LED Light

Brighter than the Stock Bulb!


This is NOT CCFL light, but it is brighter than CCFL.

The Brightest One in the Market!

Unlike other bulbs, MTEC LED light is visible during DAYTIME!


The Angel Eye light is still visible when Xenon HID Light is on!


Comparison of MTEC and Other Brands of LED Lights


MTEC H8 VS. Racing-Dash H8





MTEC H8 VS. Weiss Licht H8


Weiss Licht



MTEC H8 VS. Made in China No Brand H8


Made in China

No Brand









The Brightest One in the Market!

(Update: MTEC Version 2 is brighter)




    ■ Features ■ - Easy installation. No Modification Needed. - Super Brilliant White Color. (7000K) - 12W LED Chips. - Direct swap with BMW OEM Angel Eyes Bulbs. - No trimming, No wire cutting. 100% Reversible. - Will NOT trigger any computer error code. - LED bulbs last longer than halogen bulbs and consume less wattage. - One Year Warranty.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

One Year Manufacturer Warranty!


■ Content of Kit ■ - 2 x MTEC LED Angel Eye Bulbs (One for each side) - 1 x Installation Manual.


■ Suitable for ■ - BMW F01 F02 7 Series (2009 ~ 2012 Models)

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■ Warranty ■

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

OneYear Manufacturer Warranty!

■ Questions? ■


Any further question? Please feel free to contact with us.


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