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This is a complete valve spring kit for the Mitsubishi 2.6L G54B engine. Cutting edge conical or "beehive" design greatly reduces spring harmonics, a leading cause of spring failure. The small upper diameter reduces valve train weight and allows the use of a smaller, lighter retainer. Beehive springs allow you to run higher RPM and more aggressive cam profiles while providing spring pressures that don't destroy your valve train. The 1.035" diameter forged steel retainers offer great strength and weight savings without the longevity issues of titanium components. Ideal for high performance normally aspirated and high boost turbocharged applications. These do not require any modification to the head and use the stock spring shims. Good for cams up to .560" lift.SPRING SPECS:
Seated bind
1.020"This kit must be used with the included keepers as the retainers are not compatible with the stock units. Early adjustable tappet engines use a square groove type and later hydraulic lifter models use a round groove type. I have both styles available designed to work with these retainers. Just specify which type you need with payment and they will be included. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!

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