MISHIMOTO Performance Top-Mount Intercooler Kit FOR Subaru WRX/STI SILVER/BLACK for Sale

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SubaruWRX/STI Performance Top-Mount SILVER Intercooler Kit, 2002–2007 BLACK HOSES

An intercooler upgrade is a great way to equip your flat-four with a cool charge of air! A cool, dense charge of air can allow for more aggressive tuning and increased power. The Mishimoto Subaru WRX/STI Top-Mount Intercooler Kit provides a unique option for upgrading your charge air system. This kit utilizes a single entry inlet compared to the stock Y-pipe setup. This unique tank design provides maximum airflow and superior air dispersion through the core, a process which results in optimal AIT reduction. This intercooler uses a high efficiency bar-and-plate core which provides increased volume and improved heat transfer. The kit is completely bolt-on, requiring zero modifications to your vehicle. The Mishimoto intercooler kit includes silicone bypass hoses for both the WRX and STI, a silicone crankcase ventilation hose, a bypass valve gasket, a silicone throttle body hose, and all the T-bolt clamps and hardware necessary for installation. This intercooler kit has endured rigorous testing on both stock and modified vehicles and has proven to increase power and reduce air intake temperatures. On our 305 hp test vehicle running 20–22 psi of boost, this intercooler provided a 14 hp increase and a 30°F drop in AITs compared to the stock STI intercooler– for more testing details, check out the engineering report! Thanks to a precision engineered and tested core construction, this intercooler will support vehicles with up to 350 hp. This kit is available with either a Stealth Black or Sleek Silver cooler and includes the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty, ensuring superior product quality and craftsmanship.

  • Direct fit for the 2002–2007 Subaru WRX/STI
  • High efficiency bar-and-plate core provides increased volume, optimal heat transfer, and significantly reduces AITs
  • Durable and precision engineered cast aluminum end tanks provide smooth flow
  • Includes silicone bypass hose, silicone crankcase ventilation hose, bypass valve gasket, T-bolt clamps, and all hardware for installation
  • Unique single inlet design provides superior airflow and proper dispersion of air through the core
  • Gained 14 hp and dropped intake temperatures 30°F when installed in 305 hp vehicle with 20–22 psi of boost
  • Will support vehicles with up to 350 hp
  • Available in Sleek Silver or Stealth Black finish
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty



Purchase Includes
1 – Bar-and-Plate Intercooler
5 – Silicone Hoses and Couplers
1 – High temp silicone “S” hose
4 – T-Bolt Clamps
2 – 3” T-bolt Clamps
1 – 2.75” T-bolt Clamp
1 – 2.25” T-bolt Clamp
1 – Bypass Valve Gasket
1 – Black Nylon Hose Fitting, ½” I.D.
1 – Black Nylon Tee Hose Fitting, ½” I.D.
1 – WRX specific BPV hose
1 – STI specific BPV hose
1 – Intercooler to throttle body coupler
1 – PCV hoseCooler Overall Size
22.25” X 11.25” X 3.625”Cooler Core Size
19” X 6” X 3.5”Cooler Construction
Bar-and-plate with cast end tanksCooler Inlet / Outlet
Inlet: 2.12” I.D. / 2.25” O.D.
Outlet: 2.50” I.D. / 2.75” O.D.Cooler Fin specs
Internal: 6.5mm fin height, 2mm fin pitch
External: 6.5mm fin height, 1.7mm fin pitchCooler Weight
17.25 lbsCooler Tank Wall Thickness
This kit is rated for approximately 350 whp, or 25 psi of turbo boost. Exceeding these horsepower or pressure limits may require a larger front-mount intercooler. This intercooler kit will not fit RHD vehicles. Also Fits
02–07 Subaru WRX
04–07 Subaru STI
05–06 Saab 9-2x AeroEngine Codes
EJ25Chassis Codes
GG6High-temp “S” hose Specs
–1.81” I.D. / 2.20” O.D. – On turbo outlet
–2.20” I.D. / 2.60” O.D. – After turbo oulet
–5mm Hose thickness
–Withstands up to 400°F (204°C) temps
–Fits on turbos with 1.97” (50mm) maximum compressor outlet size
–Reinforced with 7 internal steel rings for increased durabilityWRX specific BPV hose Specs
1.16” – 1.30” I.D.
1.56” – 1.70” O.D.
5mm hose thicknessSTI specific BPV hose specs
1.16” – 1.30” I.D.
1.56” – 1.70” O.D.
5mm hose thicknessIntercooler/throttle body coupler specs
2.125” length
2.75” I.D.
3.00” O.D.
4mm thickPCV Hose specs
17.5” length
.45” I.D.
.75” O.D.
4mm thick

WARRANTY Mishimoto Performance (MP), warrants all of its products under its 'no questions asked' limited lifetime warranty policy. Regardless of the defect in product, Mishimoto will replace the original product. Warranty claims must be accompanied by the original sales receipt from an authorized dealer.A trained professional should install all MP products. Any issues with compatibility or installation should be addressed before attempting to install the product.The purchaser's remedy for breach of this limited warranty, exclusive of all other remedies provided by law, is expressly limited to repair or replacement of any part or parts. All products returned for warranty consideration must be returned to MP with all transportation expenses prepaid.MP shall not be responsible for damages to its products or injury to persons using the products in any manner that would constitute improper operation, including but not limited to: incorrect opening of radiator pressure caps, burst hoses, unintended application or usage not intended by MP, negligence, improper installation, or any other use that may cause damages or injury. MP shall not be responsible for injury or harm to persons or property when caused by persons or vehicles using its products.Accident ProtectionMishimoto, under its no questions asked warranty policy, will provide a warranty for all claims including vehicles involved in accidents. Warranty claims must include pictures of the accident and an official police report, and must be within three months of the accident.For all warranty claims, please contact Mishimoto directly.


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