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This keyless entry system is the perfect fit for your Mercedes Benz E-Class W124*** 1986-1995. It allows you to lock and unlock with a push of a button using the new style flip key remotes*. A parking light flash provides a visual confirmation. It also has two outputs for other accessories, such as a window roll-up module and trunk release module.

One good reason to install this system into your Benz is that it will take the load off of the lock cylinder links, which are known to break often.

It has everything you need for installation. You will get an installation manual complete with a wiring chart for the do-it-yourself installer, as well as a professional installer’s guide. In addition, you will receive technical support when needed, by phone or E-Mail.

    • Remote Keyless Entry: Unlocks the doors and trunk with a push of a button.

    • Two Flip Key Remotes*: Handheld and easy to use, with the key built in.

    • Vacuum Locking system: Compatible with Mercedes-Benz door locks.

    • Parking Light Flash: Provides visual confirmation.

    • Code Learning Technology: Add up to four remotes to your system, or cancel lost or stolen remotes.

    • Remote Car Finder: Locate your Benz in a crowded parking lot by flashing the lights.

    • Remote Auxiliary Output: For the trunk release or window roll-up module.

Installation & Support:

  • Detailed installation manual with 2 mounting locations for the do-it-yourself installer.

  • Professional installer’s guide included.

  • Special connectors and installation hardware.

  • Technical support by phone and e-mail.

  • One year warranty

*New style flip key remotes can be used with or without key blades. These key blades will have to be cut at an automotive locksmith to match your Benz key.

*This is an aftermarket system built for Mercedes-Benz. USKeyless is not affiliated with Mercedes-Benz or DaimlerChrysler.

Q & ADoes the Keyless Entry come with an Installation Manual?Yes, you will get a step by step installation and operations manual. The manual will explain everything you need to know to install this system yourself effortlessly and how to use its available features. Your Vehicle's specific wiring charts are also included. As an added bonus, you will get the professional installer's guide. This guide will save you money if you decide to have it installed by a professional. How long would it take me to install the Keyless Entry System on my car?Most models, installation should take between 45-65 minutes. The new updated manual will also offer you tips and a choice of different locations where the module can be installed. This will help the do-it-yourself installer and cuts the professional installers time in half by removing the guess work.Do the flip key remotes come with a blank blade for my Benz Vehicle? Yes, you will get two key blades for your Benz vehicle. Please e-mail us at the end of the sale with the model and year of your Mercedes so that we will include the correct blades with this system. These blades will need to be cut by your local automotive locksmith to match your keys. We do offer a key cutting service if needed.Is this device compatible with my vehicle door locks and do I need any relays?Yes, this system is built for Mercedes-Benz vehicle's and is compatible with the door locking system. As for the relays, No, you do not need any relays. This system has the relays built-in to make installation an easy and an enjoyable one.What is a transponder and how does it work?Most cars built from 1995 - 2007 have a transponder built inside the key. This transponder sends a signal to the engine to get it to start. Without the transponder and the key you will not be able to start the car. With our flip key remotes, we have created room to install this transponder from your key so that you can use it to start your car.Do you offer any kind of Warranty for this system?

You will get a 1 Year Warranty on our systems. If the system is not functioning properly, you will need to contact our technical support department. We will issue a Return Authorization # to replace the system free of charge.

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