Lotus Elise, Exige, Esprit Cobra Remote Key Fob *** NEW for Sale

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Here’s your chance to buy a hard to get item: a new, unused Cobra key fob (Lotus Part Number A111M6100S) for use with the factory alarm system installed in the

  • Lotus Elise S2 & Exige (March 2002 until end of Model Year 2007)
  • Lotus Elise S1 (1998 and after, fitted with Cobra 6422 Alarm)
  • Lotus Esprit V8 (1995-2002)
Works with both european and Federal US models. See your Lotus owner’s manual on how to pair the fob with your car (you can download the manual for Federal Elise here, see p. 30-36 for details). You can pair up to 4 fobs with your alarm and central locking system.
Lotus recommends to have at least one, already paired key fob for spare. If you dropped or damaged your alarm controller, then this will get you back in the game. These are close to 200.00 new from the Lotus dealer, and I have seen used ones going for $100.00, so be sure and save some money here. Drop me a line if you need more than one, I was always have several in stock.
In case you need to replace the battery: these fobs use a standard CR2032 lithium coin battery, which you can find here on , RadioShack, Circuit City etc. for a buck and less.
Fast transaction & quick shipping guaranteed!You are buying from a 100% honest and trustworthy member with more than 1,000 satisfied customers on alone (this is my new, additional account especially for Lotus parts). Items ship from Germany via Airmail and take 6-10 days to arrive in the US. I'm shipping on a daily basis and have shipped several ten thousand packages with my main business via Airmail to the US and never had a problem.
Item new and tested (I drive a 2005 Elise myself), but sold as is. No returns, no refunds.See also my offer on Lotus 3D Chrome Logos for the Elise.

_gsrx_vers_308 (GS 5.3.7 (308))

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