Lexus LED 5D White Light Emblem Logo 105*68mm 4.1 X 2.7” GS300 ES300 ES240 RX350 for Sale

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Brand New with Box

this is for the rear trunk


Size: 4.1" x 2.7" (10.5*6.8cm)

Daytime: Laser & Reflective

Light: 5D Lighting

Voltage: DC 12V + / - 10%

Current: 1.13-1.14

Color: Bright White

Fitment for:

Lexus Rear





With special design, it's very easy to install and use. It's low power consumption and also can make your car to get a charming fancy look. It's a latest amazing car accessory. Most importantly, as a DIY fun, your can install it at home which bring lots of convenience to you.

Introduction of function:

1. This product should be installed in the original position to replace the original logo(at the back of the car)

2. High quality water plating car badge, Laser and Reflective mirror

3. When the license plate lamp is turned on,the car logo light will be turn on too, which shines the logo in the night .

4. Special waterproof and dust proof design!


1. First, spread a towel beside the car trunk (in order not to scratch the car body), with a flat head screwdriver, pry the car logo

2. Tear off the double-sided adhesive: pry it from the car body with moderate strength, steps by steps, slowly pry it down, then clean up the logo and car body .

3. Use cross head screw-driver to uninstall the board inner the trunk, There are clips at somewhere, please carefully remove the insulation board ,you can see all kinds of lines.

4. Pass the power line of Car logo lamp through one of the logo location hole, pass inside the trunk and tear off the back of vehicle logo light

5. As the car logo lamp has installed, now connect the power supply.The logo lamp should connected with the light power supply of the rear license plate ,so that when turn on the small night lamp, the car logo lamp is also turned on Find the license plate lamp power connector

6. First pull the plug, and strip a opening separately of the positive and negative pole to show the wire core, Connect the lines(red to red and black to black) ,don't forget to wind then with insulating tape, Also, you need to plug back and set the insulation board to the trunk again!

Auto Accessories 5D LED Car Logo Light Badge Decorative Emblem Lamp for Lexus GS300 ES300 ES240 RX350

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