Left Exhaust Flange laser cut Passenger side replacement, includes ring gasket for Sale

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Left Exhaust Flange laser cut Driver's side replacement, includes ring gasket! Left Exhaust Flange laser cut Passenger side replacement, includes ring gasket! Application(s): Chevrolet Silverado 5.3L/6.0L C/K 2500/3500 / Suburban C/K 2500/3500 / Express G2500/3500GMC Sierra 5.3L/6.0L C/K 2500/3500 / Suburban C/K 2500/3500 / Van G2500/3500Left hand (drivers side)Includes Gaskets2 lbs. shipping weightNew and Improved laser-cut design is better than the original factory flange!
Dimensions:4 3/4" Long3 7/8" Wide4 1/4" Far Bolt spacing (center to center)3" Bolt Close Bolt spacing (center to center)1/2" Thickness2 1/2" Inside Diameter
Fits all Chevrolet and GMC C2500/K2500 and C3500/K3500 Trucks, Vans, and SUVs. If you have a broken or disconnected drivers side head-pipe flange, this is the part for you.
What you need to know about the Chevrolet and GMC models this part is designed to fitGM manufactured the original flange from non-ductile cast iron. This material is very brittle and cannot withstand very much stress. This flange is then welded to the steel pipe. Many things can cause the factory flange to break and fail. The most common reasons for failure include: offroad use, vandalism, impact, backing the tailpipe into an obstacle, vibration, thermal stress, potholes, etc.
How is this product different?We have manufactured our part from 1/2" thick mild steel. This material can withstand far more stress and vibration than a cast part. Installation is simple too, simply pull the old broken flange off, slip the new onto the original pipe, and weld it in place. This part addresses the problem and saves you from having to replace the entire catalytic converter assembly, which is not only expensive, but will very probably fail the same way in the future. Flange is laser cut.
How is this flange repair installed?You must first unbolt the original flange from the manifold. Since the old flange is broken, you can just slide it off the old headpipe. If the old flange is still firmly attached, but cracked or split, you may need to use a torch or grinder to remove it. Slide the new flange over the old pipe and place it up onto the manifold. Don't forget to insert the gasket into the groove on the front of the flange. Bolt the new flange to the manifold, then weld the flange to the pipe with everything back in its proper place. This will form a lasting repair. Welding skill is required. Professional installation is recommended.
Please verify flange dimensions before ordering. If you have any questions regarding this product, please contact us prior to purchasing, by clicking the Contact Seller link at the top of the page.Made in the Canada

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