Lamborghini Gallardo Titanium VIP Exhaust Package by Millionaire Racing for Sale

Price: $5305.24

Combine all the Millionaire Racing Gallardo Titanium components for ultimate power and weight savings! Shave approximately 100 lbs off your Gallardo versus the OEM components while adding power and an ultimate sound!

ONLY 1 of 5 Sets made Globally to date! This is a very unique product thatwill set you apart from the everyday Gallardos!

Youtube Videos are posted of the sound - search millionaireracing channel onyoutube or send an e-mail for the link!

This kit features the Worlds Lightest Gallardo Exhaust - the Formula Millionaireracing Exhaust, Titanium Test-Pipes (cat-bypass), Titanium/Carbon Quad Racing Tips!

****Please Note Picture shows the Hi-Flow Cats also. You are bidding on the VIP package thatincludesthe Formula Exhaust, Quad Titanium-Carbon Tips and Cat-Delete (Straight Pipes) and not the Hi-Flow Catalytic Convertors. If you are interested in a package with the Hi-Flow Convertors please message us.****


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The lightest Lamborghini exhaust on the market! Ultimate Formula exhaust tone, due to its titanium construction and straight-through flow design. Weighs in at only a mind-boggling 5 lbs.! That’s a savings of over 55 lbs. in comparison with the OEM exhaust system! This bespoke product comes with a custom-etched, fabricated plaque on it (can include owner’s name, car model, etc).Comprised of 50 pieces of Titanium that are painstakingly precision welded - the exhaust can be treated as art work as well!Included with purchase will be a VIP Millionaire Racing Hologram ‘numbered’ card for the true VIP service, as well as a Millionaire Racing VIP Baseball Cap. Coupled with the Millionaire Racing Quad Titanium Carbon Tips your Gallardo will be in a league of its own!

Exclusivity assured - 1 of 5 Produced!

– Fits 2004-2008 All Models
– Over 55 lbs. lighter than stock and amazing Formula sound
– Lightest and most exclusive exhaust on the market!
– Compatible with OEM catalytic convertors or aftermarket units
– Compatible with OEM tips or Millionaire Racing Quad Titanium Carbon Tips
– Lifetime Guarantee


Save 22+ lbs. over the factory catalytic convertors with these race-inspired full titanium straight pipes. These are the best money can buy, using the lightest and most exotic material for your Lamborghini! Don’t compromise weight savings and sound by using regular stainless steel offerings. Hand -made to order, these pipes result in providing maximum power and weight savings, while assisting in evoking racing acoustics from your Gallardo!

- Fits all 2004-2008

- Full titanium construction for the most exotic and lightweight units available

- Delivers ultimate performance and sound!

* Not Carb Approved *


Update your Gallardo and save weight with these artistic and sexy pieces of hardware! Developed using only the finest Titanium and Carbon materials and craftsmanship, Millionaire Racing introduces the lightest and most exotic quad tips for your Gallardo!

Each side comprises 19 pieces of Titanium that are painstakingly welded together. Weighing in at just over 2.5 lbs for both sides, this will not only drastically save weight over both OEM and current tips on the market, but also ensure exclusivity by virtue of the limited production number. OEM units and other SS versions weigh 2-3 times as much! Burnt titanium finish coupled with a flat carbon fibre plate for the VIP touch. Fully brushed titanium finished tips are also available for those wanting a more subtle appearance. Perfectly complements the Millionaire Racing Titanium Formula Exhaust and is compatible with OEM and aftermarket systems. The Millionaire Racing name invokes bespoke products for those wanting the best. Included will be a VIP Millionaire Racing hologram ‘numbered’ card for the true VIP service. Make your Gallardo stand out above the crowd!

- Fits all 2004-2008

- Save nearly 10 lbs. over OEM single tips

- Compatible with OEM and aftermarket systems

- Perfect match to the Millionaire Racing Titanium Formula Exhaust

-Compatable with OEM and aftermarket systems

-Perfect Match to the Millionaire Racing Titanium Formula Exhaust

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