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LS1 LS6 Trans Am Camaro ported throttle body for Sale

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LS1 LS6 Trans Am Camaro ported throttle body

Price: $60

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CONGRATULATIONS to another successful POTZ Speed customer, Marco Proctor and his "cam only" Camaro. He ran a best time of 10.61 - 124.8mph - 1.410 sixty up at the World Cup Finals while running A POTZ Speed Throttle Body. Just goes to show there is no reason to spend a ton of cash on 90/90 plus set-ups when you can get great results with stock-modified parts from POTZ Speed.

The #1 selling LS1 modified throttle body on is now also on Facebook...

LS1 - 5.3 - LS6 cable driven, ported - modified throttle body

$174.99 throttle body with core deposit

$74.99final price

No hidden fees ..... Priority Mail Shipping .....





Please be reminded that either the refundable fee or a functioning core (as described in the listing) must be received PRIOR to our shipping the finished product

I am an "old-school", old guy and I am not going to tell you something or blow smoke up your butt just to get a sale. The simple FACT is that our products are just BETTER than the other guys and thats why we sell more..... John Papa Potz


*****10% DISCOUNT for all additional REGULAR PRICED items purchased. *****

(discount(s) will be applied to the equal or lesser valued in comparison to the most expensive item and are not available on SALE items)

Looking for a modified MAF ends? How about some Stainless Steel LSX fuel rail bolts, throttle body bolts or even sensor screws? We have them and we also offer a 10% discount off of all additional REGULAR PRICED items purchased. Please refer to one of our several other listings or feel free to inquire about what you might need and we will answer all questions asap. We are here to help and look forward to the possibility of earning your business and making your purchase experience a pleasure.

This is a oem75mm throttle body for the98-99 or 2000+ Trans Am, Camaro and 04 GTO. This will fit on any LS1 - LS6 factory intake or any aftermarket 75-80mm intake.Our T/B's are modified for maximum performance and horse-power gains. You will also notice better throttle response with our professionally ported and blended inlet as well as improved wide-open-throttle runs with our maximized bump-stop alteration.

I am an "old-school", old -guy and I am not going to just tell you something or blow smoke up your butt just to get a sale. The simple FACT is that our products are just BETTER than the other guys. We at Potz Speed firmly believe that our throttle bodies are the finest available pieces on the market and our no questions asked return policy plus our lifetime warranty should attest to how confident we are of that claim. We have throttle bodies running all over the world on everything from drift cars in Russia, sand-dragsters in Cali, Holden performance vehicles in Austraila to rock-crawlers in Utah and track cars in Dubai. If we were not confident on our products, we would not be sending them all over the globe.

Our modified for performance T/B's are a very economical addition to your current or future list of mods. It will perform well by its self or work even better when combined with other external or internal modifications. We feel our products far exceed the competitions product in quailty, performance and without a doubt CUSTOMER SERVICE- COMMUNICATION.All this at the lowest price on the net and withoutany false claims.So... weather you are stock or heavily modified, let you motor perform to its full potential. Replace that restricting stockthrottle body with one of our performance modified t/b's. Open things up,let your motor breatheand feel the difference.


Also, I thought it was about time to address some of the claims the competition keep making. First there was "typical" gains of 10-15 hp even on a stock vehicle. Now they are saying up to 20 hp gain on a heads/cam vehicle. Hate to tell everyone this, but it just aint gonna happen. Been waiting years for some of those dyno sheets from aKNOWN tuner/shop to show me otherwise , but I am still waiting. Can you tweak a tune to make decent gains, YES. Are those gains strictly from the addition of a ported throttle body, NO. Think about it.... if you could gain 15hp from a simple 3mm increase( which = 5hp per mm gained/measured at the inlet of a stock t/b) then you should gain an excess of 75hp just from bolting on a basic 90/90 combo. Take into account a better flowing modified 90+mm intake and based on their claims, you should gain WAY over 100hp just from a simple swap.I have been working on vehicles for over 30 years and it Looks good, sounds good but I just dont see it happening.

Gains on the track...... pretty sure that would depend on the driver.

Epoxy mod.... no way I would ever do it myself or recommend that anyone else take the chance. Even on a good epoxy mix, the metal housing of the throttle body constantly HEATS and COOLS and thus EXPANDS and CONTRACTS. Over time, this in addition to the normal and sometimes increased vibration of a performance motor, creates a separation of the 2 different materials. I have seen the epoxy crack, chip and even fall into the throttle body, intake and a couple times beingestedinto the motor. We have done countless number of epoxy removals for the exact reasons I have just described. While the mod may be for some, I STRONGLY recommendagainstit.

Also, dont be misled by the other guys showing one throttle body and delivering another only after you read the fine print. What you see is EXACTLY what you get with us. Nothing "cheap" about or modified parts either. Maybe less expensive than the other guy, but not cheap by any means. Remember, if your not happy with one of our parts, just return it for a FULL refund. No questions asked! No "EXCHANGE ONLY"on our parts.

And just an FYI... if your thinking about buying a modified part from us or any other vendor, please do your research and make sure they are a reliable, customer service oriented shop. You may be surprised at what you find.


The following is a break-down on what goes into one of our modified throttle body's

Throttle body is completely disassembled and cleaned

Ridges and casting lines on the top and bottom of the housing are removed for acleaner look.

Housing is ran thru a media-blast cabinet for a "better than new" appearance.

Throat ported, smoothed and inlet blended to a performance finish.

Blade has been sanded smooth and thinned so there is no need for a "knife edge" modification.

Bump stop cut for a fully open throttleblade at wide-open-throttle.

Shaft halved to cut down on air restriction.

OEM blade screws removed and replaced with stainless screws / washers and then thread locked.

Available FREE options.....

FREE ..... Polished spring or Colored ..... NO Charge

FREE ..... Coolant lines cut/removed and rubber capped ..... NO Charge

Also Available.....

Accessory fastener kit..... only $4.99 extra

Coolant lineby-pass kit.....only $3.99 extra

Intake bolts .....only $7.99 extra

Throttle bodies are also available with sensors (new or pre-owned),Polishedand also with our MAF ends combo for additional fees. Just let us know what you might be interested in and we will quote you a price.


If not sending in a core for exchange or to be modified, a refundable core deposit fee of $100 is required upon completion of your transaction and will need to be paid prior to your purchase being processed. We can issue an invoice for the refundable core fee using the e-mail address you have posted on your paypal transaction page, or you can also send the funds yourself, by making an additional payment to the same paypal account as your original purchase shows.

Core deposit refund will be made thru paypal unless other arrangements are made. It is the buyers choice. Cores must be the EXACT SAME TYPE THROTTLE BODY AS ORDERED and free from any damage or modifications (prior port-work, drilled blade, bump-stop mod and so on...) unless you let me know first.

Refunds will be made after the core is received and checked-in for proper working condition. Due to the amount of cores and purchased items we receive, we will normally process received parts on a bi-daily basis, but actually do refunds on Fridays unless otherwise requested as ASAP by the customer.

Buyer also has 30 days from the original purchase date to return their core.


Wealso offer a modified throttle body exchange service which eliminates the core deposit. Pleasesendus an emailif you would like somemore info.

***********Money back guarantee**********

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase or my attempt to correct any issue that may arise, you may choose to return youritem(s) for a full item price refund(refund excludes the original shipping cost). I know life gets hectic and we all get busy, so i now offer a 14 day from the date of the documenteddelivery return policy. Cant find the time to install your t/b right away? No hurry with a 2 week return window. Product questions or a problem with installation? No worry! My goal is to provideexcellent customer service before, during and after the sale. Your phone calls and emails will receive the same attention even after delivery as they did leading up to the sale.

I firmly believe that our porting service is by far the best being offered anywhere and at a price that is unmatched. All this without all the drama or history that some of the competition brings along with them. In fact, I am so convinced that we offer the best product available, that I will extend this offer.....

Purchase one of our throttle bodies and check it out. If it is not what you expected or we can't resolve any issue that there might be, please feel free to return your part for a full item price (refund will exclude the original shipping cost) refund with no questions asked. You can even keep the stainless sensor screws that came with it. No Questions Asked.


Potz Speed is a small, family run shop here in Jacksonville Florida. We have over 30 years of automotive experience and are also the #1 oem ported / modified LS1 throttle body vendor here on . In addition to throttle bodies, we also offer quality stainless steel, zinc and phosphate coated fasteners for the LSX format motor. Knowing how it feels to have a ton of real-life responsibilities, we believe in treating customers the EXACT same way we like to be treated ourselves and our response is a true testament as to fact that we get it right the FIRST TIME. We understand that we will never get a second chance to make that first impression and we conduct business in that exact fashion.

Potz Speed NORMAL business hours & days open

10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Monday - Friday

Saturday & Sunday normally CLOSED

We thank you for considering us for yourperformance & automotiveneeds and look forward to doing what is necessary to earn your business.

Thanks and have a great day!!!

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