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Keyless entry Remote Start System VIPER 5101 2000 ft of range 2 remotes for Sale

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Keyless entry Remote Start System VIPER 5101 2000 ft of range 2 remotes

Price: $50

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This is a factory refurbished Viper 5101 system.

This remote start from Viper meets all of the features you are looking for!!! Viper is known for quality and reliability!

This is a fantastic deal. This item does require installation. We highly recommend you have a professional complete your installation. Not to say you couldn't do this yourself. But a remote start does require getting up close and personal with the underside of the dash of your car and under the hood. You should be made aware of this before you make this purchase. Some cars require additional parts due to transponder keys or data based door lock systems. We have this parts available if you need them.
This is not an alarm only a remote start with keyless entry
  • 2 5-Button 1-way Remote
  • Receiver Technology SuperCode
  • Car Finder/Panic
  • Parking Light Flash
  • Antenna with Integrated LED/Valet Switch
  • D2D Port for XK Interface Modules
  • Bitwriter 2 Programmable
  • SilentMode2 Sirenless Modes
  • Onboard XCR Remote Start Relays
  • Virtual Tach
  • Defroster Output w/ Dedicated Channel
  • Switch-controlled Turbo Timer
  • Runtime Reset from Remote
  • Timer Start Mode
  • Failsafe Starter Kill Ready
  • Learn Routine
  • Aux Outputs 4
  • 2,000 feet range
  • Simple new universal icons on the Remotes
  • Longer battery life

Please if you any questions please askWe include ALL instructions in the box. No waiting for emails or the right set of instructions
This system will ship quickly and via USPS mail.
Ships to US only!!! Sorry, no APO/FPO
Quick,fast and cheap! Yes, you can have it all!response left once received

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