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Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 05-10 BLUE TRIPLE Headlight Halos Angel Demon Eyes for Sale

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Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 05-10 BLUE TRIPLE Headlight Halos Angel Demon Eyes

Price: $290

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This is NO universal kit - fits ONLY the make/model/year as stated in the listing.Kit Includes: • 6x Oracle LED/SMD Rings (for headlights)• Includes everything you need to install LED/SMD Halos into your headlights!
• Latest ORACLE Premium LED Halo Technology
• Simple 2 Wire Hook-Up
• ORACLE Lifetime Warranty
• ORACLE Detailed DIY Install Instructions NO Headlight(s) or Foglight(s) included!

COLOR as stated in the LISTING TITLE - picture might show a different color/make/model

Most kits are available in - check with us for availability:

White, Blue, Red, Green, Amber, Yellow, Pink and Purple!
Please let us know if you want any changes in Color RIGHT AFTER your purchase or the item will be shipped as listed.

HALO Rings FAQ:Q: What are the rings made from?
A: ORACLE SMD - or "Surface Mount Diode" Halos utilize an advanced type of LED chip that can produce brilliant light output while only consuming a small amount of power. The SMD chips are installed onto a CAD designed 6-layer PCB (Printed Circuit Board) which is very sturdy and will not break if pressured. The PCB can easily be mounted to a headlight housing using the pre-installed 3M adhesive tape backing. A: ORACLE PLASMA - Plasma LED Halo Rings are the latest advancement in Solid-State Lighting Technology. The Plasma Halos feature dozens of semiconductors which make direct contact to the circuit board essentially turning the entire Plasma ring into one LED. The design makes for optimal thermal management, high packing density, and overall high performance light output. This new technology is not only brighter than previous LED Halo Rings but it also features very consistent light output and appears as one solid ring rather than a ring of individual LEDS. A: ORACLE CCFL - Headlight Halo Kits use Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting XE technology, which delivers a smooth and even halo illumination. CCFL halos have an expected lifetime of 50,000 hours of continuous use and come with a Lifetime Warranty. CCFL Halos require an external Power Supply. ORACLE "XE" Power Inverters are included in every ORACLE CCFL Halo Kit System.

Q: How long will these really last?
A: The ORACLE Halos are the highest quality halos on the market! That is twice the average life of ANY other kit.
A: SMD's have a lifetime of 60,000 hours of continuous use.
A: Plasma's have a lifetime of 100,000 hours of continuous use.
A: CCFL's have a lifetime of 50,000 hours of continuous use.

Q: What kind of look am I going for?
A: Each of our halo styles offer a different look. CCFL halos have a soft ambient glow and a smooth output. Show up great at night, however in the daylight they are not as pronounced. SMD halos offer an intense appearance and a bright output. Can be clearly seen during the day and at night. These are our most popular to date. Plasma halos combine both technologies of CCFL and SMD offering a highly intense light output with a smooth glow. These are by far our brightest halos.

Q: What colors are considered legal?
A: White and Amber are the legal colors Nationwide. Red and Blue are considered emergency vehicle lights and are not legal. Driving Laws can vary from state to state, please verify with your state laws, prior to making your halo color selection.

Q: What are "Demon Eyes/Angel Eyes/Halos"?
A: Demon Eyes/Angel Eyes etc. are an Attractive and Legal alternative to the ugly OEM Daytime Running Lights our vehicles come with. Developed originally by BMW, the "halos" surround the outside edge of the reflectors in your headlight housings. When your car is on the rings will light up just like your normal DRLs would. You can choose to deactivate the DRLs (that bulb will still be used as your high beam) or use the DRLs in conjunction with your halos. Q: Who can install an ORACLE Halo Kit?
A: Any person having some technical experience a basic understanding of electrical circuits can install and ORACLE Halo Kit.We also offer professional installation and pre-installed headlights (email for details). Q: Will installing an ORACLE Halo Kit void my warranty?
A: Most dealerships will regard the halo kit in the same manner as a fog-light kit. Since these Halos have a completely separate wiring harness, the electrical system on the vehicle is unaffected. Q: Will I have to do any additional wiring?
A: Our Halo kits are shipped with "Plug and Play" connectors so you can plug the inverter directly into the parking light and turn on and off from the factory headlight switch.

Required Information!!!


When sale is ended, please MUST E-Mail us the following information :

1. Contact cell phone number

2. Ccontact home or work phone number

3. Car exact year / make / model

4.Is your car 2dr / 4dr or HB

5. Color Choice if different than listed (must check upfront if available)

If you don't provide us all these information, then we can't ship out the package, and you will delay your shipping time. ( Or simply include these information inside the PayPal "note to seller" section ) Thank You!

CCFL HALO KITS ORACLE CCFL Halo Kits use Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting for bright-even illumination. CCFL is a Glass tube that is powered via a separate inverter and connected to the ring by a PNP connector. An advantage of CCFL is the smooth, consistent, and even illumination but the glass tubes do need to be handled with care during installation. SMD/LED Halo Kits ORACLE LED (SMD) Halo Kits use High-Powered Surface Mount Diodes to produce brilliant luminescence that is easily visible even in direct sunlight. These LED Halo Rings are composed of a 6-Layer circuit board which give the ring a rigid structure. The rings are powered directly to 12V power without any inverter or other external device. These rings are also available in ColorSHIFT which can change into hundreds of different colors. ColorSHIFT Halo KitsORACLE ColorSHIFT Halo Kits use RGB Lighting Technology and are capable of producing literally hundreds of different vibrant colors. ColorSHIFT Halos are unique because they use a special tri-node 5050 LED that can produce any color via the included control unit. You can set the rings to one color or use one of the dozens of pre-programmed LED effects. Tail Light Halo KitsTail Light Halo Kits accent the rear of the vehicle and add an additional running light for increased safety and visibility. Available in both CCFL and LED to compliment any existing ORACLE lighting products installed on the vehicle. Tail Light Halos help the competition you left behind see you through the smoke. Motorcycle Halo Kits If you want your bike to stand out from the crowd or just want an additional running light to make sure other traffic notices you ORACLE Lighting has the answer! Our ORACLE motorcycle halo kits are a great addition to any street bike and are designed to take the abuse of a stunt bike. We offer a variety of colors to fit any theme as well as ColorSHIFT® color-changing technology for most platforms.

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