Jaguar License Plate Laser Cut Black+ Chrome Acrylic Mirror Very Nice Tag for Sale

Price: $30

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this is a brand new mirror license plate made from 100% inlaid laser cut Plexiglas acrylic.

Each mirror piece is like a prism bouncing light arround its edges. Acrylic is the clearest material know to mankind so when I say the laser cut edges light up like fire in the sun and they sparkle and shine like nothing else I mean it.

  • 3/16" total thicknes with tough ABS backing
  • standard size 12x6" fits any car or truck
  • 4 universal mounting holes
  • comes polished in a clear bag plastic-protective sleeve

This is not a sticker or painted design and since the color is made from solid pieces of 1/8" thick acrylic it will never fade or peel off.

you can see the wall and the Terminator statue reflecting in the background


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