Iphone 6s And 6s Plus Compatible Mercedes Bluetooth Puck Interface Adapter for Sale

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If you were thinking of getting part number B67876131 or B6788001 DO NOT spend the extra money. This Updated part number B67875878 has the exact same functionality at a much better price!!! The only difference between the two adapters is the style which makes no difference at all. I will GUARANTEE this adapter has the same functionality as B67876131 and B6788001 or a full refund!! That is how sure I am ! I have sold over a thousand of these adapters to be able to make this claim AND HAVE SOLD MORE OF THESE ADAPTERS THEN ANY OTHER SELLER COMBINED, JUST LOOK AT MY response!!. This adapter is an OEM part that came directly from Mercedes Benz not a third party. 


Up for sale is a UPDATED Mercedes Benz OEM bluetooth adaptor model # B67875878. This bluetooth adapter comes complete with installation instructions. The adapter also comes with a two year warranty against manufacture defects . Plugs into your phone cradle in the center console. This adapter will fit in most Mercedes benz models. Here is a list of some of the following models it should fit :2005 CL-203 (C-Class) 2005 S-203 (C-Class) 2005 W-203 (C-Class) 2005 A-209 (CLK-Class) 2005 C-209 (CLK-Class) 2005 C-215 (CL-Class) 2005 S-211 (E-Class) 2005 W-211 (E-Class) 2005 V-220 (S-Class) 2005 R-230 (SL-Class) 2005 R-171 (SLK-Class) 2005 R-171 (SLK-Class) 2006 W-203 (C-Class) 2006 A-209 (CLK-Class) 2006 C-209 (CLK-Class) 2006 W-164 (M-Class) 2006 V-251 (R-Class) 2006 C-215 (CL-Class) 2006 C-219 (CLS-Class) 2006 W-211 (E-Class) 2006 W-220 (S-Class) 2006 R-230 (SL-Class) 2006 R-171 (SLK-Class) 2006 R-171 (SLK-Class) 2006 W-211 (E-Class) 2006 S-211 (E-Class) 2007 W-203 (C-Class) 2007 C-216 (CL-Class) 2007 A-209 (CLK-Class) 2007 C-209 (CLK-Class) 2007 X-164 (GL-Class) 2007 W-164 (M-Class) 2007 V-251 (R-Class) 2007 V-221 (S-Class) 2007 C-219 (CLS-Class) 2007 S-211 (E-Class) 2007 W-211 (E-Class) 2007 R-230 (SL-Class) 2007 R-171 (SLK-Class) 2008 C-219 (CL-Class) 2008 C/A-209 (CLK Class) 2008 W-219 (CLS Class) 2008 W/S-211 (E Class) 2008 W-463 (G Class) 2008 X-164 (GL Class) 2008 W-164 (M Class) 2008 V-251 (R-Class) 2008 V-221 (S-Class) 2008 R-230 (SL Class) 2008 R-171 (SLK Class). Some models and years were not listed but this still will work in. Please check with your local Mercedes Benz dealer to make sure this adapter can be used in your car before offerding. 

This adapter works with all Iphone's including the 3g, 3gs, 4g, 4gs, 5, 5s,5c and THE NEW IPHONE 6 and 6 plus. It also works with most Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6 and all notebook phones, Android, Droid and Blackberry phones. 

All adapters are guaranteed to come in 100% working condition. They are tested by Mercedes Benz before they get shipped.

This is an original OEM Mercedes part and retails from Mercedes at over $500.

Be sure to look at my response from many satisfied customers who are enjoying their Mercedes Bluetooth adapters already. I am one of 's top Mercedes bluetooth sellers, so offer with confidence!!

Please ask all questions prior to offerding.

Good luck and happy offerding on this offer sale!!!

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