Holden HQ HJ HR HX HZ EH Torana LJ Gemini Blue LED Halo 7" Round Headlights for Sale

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These are multi purpose crystal beam lights. Ideal for great forward projection vision.

I have tried a lot of lights. The ones that stood out as the best all roundershappened to be the ones with the bling LED rings .. go figure.It has nothing to do with the LED ring - they just started with a light that was already a favourite and then added the bling.

The size is 7"round and they suit all 7" applications.. The only other sizes out there are 5.75" and 4.5" so if you go and have a measure it will be pretty obvious to you which size you need.

They are a direct replacement of your normal 7" round sealed or semi sealed head lights.

Fitting is dead easy. Remove the outer metal retainer (3 screws) and the light falls forward into your hands. Just unplug the old and plug in the new. Re-position the light and screw in the retainer and you are done. There is no need to remove the grill or headlight surrounds. Make sure the word "TOP" is at the top so that hi and low beam is best managed.

These are excellent all rounder lights.The reflector is made of glass finishBMC andis shaped to project light as far forwardas possible with good side vision. The flat glass lens is smooth so as to not interupt the long distance light.Also makes it ideal for HID applications.

A common question relates to Heat resistance with a view to running hi wattage globes or HID kits. There is no problem here. They are not plastic and they wont melt. The material is a non melting non burning fibre. Here are a few pics I took using a blow torch - no melting and not even a black spot on the inside.

What I like about this light over others is the way it seals dust and water out around the globe. I can almost say they are waterproof. Semi Sealed lights allow you to retro fit H4 globes which gives us great choices in brighter globes like our 90/100, 90/130 or our HID kits but traditionally that can let water in. These particular lights on the other hand have a quality rubber boot and sealing system that has a really firm and secure grip on the light and the globe. I haven't seen any others as good as these. It's no accident - I stipulated this requirement to the factory when I ordered them. Here are a few pics I took testing for waterproofness in the kitchen sink . The light is totally submerged and I even shook it around and still no water inside. What's more I then deliberately filled it with water and let it sit for a few days full of water. To begin with the water didn't leak out (just proves how waterproof it is) but more importantly there was no deteriorating of the lights wont rust, they wont let water in and they wont fade or deteriorate.

The LED ring is white.When turned on it is clearly visble during the day, it's that bright. They can be wired up to a switch on the dash or you can hook them up to the park lights. They are legal so long as you dont disconnect your old park lights.

These are semi sealed lights, which means they take globes. The alternative is sealed beam which has a globe built into it - the problem with the sealed beam lights is you are restricted to just 55W Lo / 65W Hi. The great thing about semi sealed is your choice of bright globes up to 90W Lo / 130W Hiwhich is twice as bright as standard.

These dont come with globes (Some of the pics show globes fitted). Here in my store I offer you a choice of globes as follows (below). Just buy what you want and I shall combine your items and eliminate the additional postage of the extra items.

90W Low / 100W Hi Beam globes at just $9.75 Low / 130W Hi Beam globes at just $14.95 the Ultimate is ... HID Hi and HID Lo ... H4 HID Kit 55W 4300K or 6000K at $165 colours are as follows ..

White stock these lights and they are ready to send to you.

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