Halo Headlights Holden HD HR XZ HJ HK HT HG HP HQ HX HZ Premier Monaro Kingswood for Sale

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This is a brand new pair of AutopalBLUELED Ring Halo 7" Hi / LowSemi Sealed head light inserts.

Yes, that is 2 x lights

These are multi purpose crystal beam lights.It's terrific for forward and side vision.

The size is 7"round and they suit all 7" applications.. The only other sizes out there are 5 3/4" and 4 1/2" so if you go and have a measure it will be pretty obvious to you which size you need.

They are a direct replacement of your normal 7" round sealed or semi sealed head lights.

Fitting is dead easy. Remove the outer metal retainer (3 screws) and the light falls forward into your hands. Just unplug the old and plug in the new. Re-position the light and screw in the retainer and you are done. There is no need to remove the grill or headlight surrounds. Make sure the word "TOP" is at the top so that hi and low beam is best managed.

The reflector is made of glass finish sheet metal andis shaped to project light as far forward and to the side of the road as best possible. The Prismatic reflector has shaped curves that do the spreading out of the light in a shape such that to the right it points down a bit so as not to blind oncoming traffic yet to the left it is higher. This makes it compliant for all Australian and other RH Drive vehicles. The lens is flat glass. Also the inside no longer has the shield. HID globes and quality Halogen globes already have their own shields or painted ends and so a light shield only creates shadows and dark spots.

LED Halo- The Halo is powered by 36 x LED SMD pads making it a brighter DRL during day light. Powering the DRL Halo is dead easy - the black wire is earth and the white wire is power - connect the white wire to the parkers if you want them on with the parkers, or wire them to the accessory circuit (with an optional on/off switch) if you want them on when ever driving but not have the tail lights on which is what you get with the parkers - plenty of easy options.

These are semi sealed lights, which means they take globes.These would be great with HID, LED or Halogen globes. These dont come with globes because there are so many options however I have listed heaps of options below.

These lights have no provision for park light globes as the theory is the DRL halo is used as the park light.

These are steel and glass - there is no melting or fading and just like beer tastes better out of glass - we should also use glass for lights and not plastic.

At JTX Lighting we have literally hundreds of lighting solutions from globe replacements to upgrades to higher wattage for brighter and safer driving at night orwe can take you to the next level with LED and HID globeupgrades.We also sell head light replacements and upgrades to LED assemblies and the trendy Halo lights. Check outour host of items below....

7" Round Lights...

LED with White halo flashesAmberwhen indicating

LED withBluehalo flashesAmberwhen indicating

LED withGreenhalo flashesAmberwhen indicating

LED withRedhalo flashesAmberwhen indicating

LED withAmberhalo flashesAmberwhen indicating

LED withChromehalo flashesAmberwhen indicating

7" Sealed Beam lights 110/95w 12V

7" Sealed Beam lights 75/50w 12V

7" Sealed Beam lights 75/50w 24V

7" Semi Sealed Crystal (1 only)

7" Semi Sealed Crystals

7" Semi SealedSpot (1 only)

7" Semi SealedSpots

7" Semi SealedWide Spread (1 only)

7" Semi SealedWide Spreads

7" Semi Sealedwith White Halo

7" Semi Sealedwith 36 xLED Premium White Halo

7" Semi Sealedwith 36 xLED PremiumBlueHalo

7" Semi Sealedwith 36 xLED PremiumRedHalo

7" Semi Sealedwith 36 xLED PremiumAmberHalo

7" Semi Sealedwith 36 xLED PremiumGreenHalo

7" LED Harley Light with turn Halo

7" Round Lights with HID ...

7" Semi SealedWide Spreads with 55w JTX Premium Grade H4 HID kit

7" Semi SealedHalo White with 55w JTX Premium Grade H4 HID kit

7" Semi SealedHalo White with 70w JTX Premium Grade H4 HID kit

H4 Globe options ...

12v H4 Globe 60/55w x 1 only

12v H4 Globes 60/55w x 1pr

12v H4 Globes 100/90w

12v H4 Globes 130/90w

24v H4 Globes 100/90w

LED H4 Globes

HID Globe x 1

HID Globes x 1pr

35w H4 HID Kit

55w H4 HID Kit

70w H4 HID Kit

General Accessories

Relay 12v

Relay 24v

HID Components ...

H4 HID Wiring Harness with controller

H4 HID Load Module to Fix blue light on dash and spotties

HID Globes - you select the style and colour

HID Ballast Power Leads

HID Ballast to Globe Extension Leads - 1m long

H9 Adaptors - plug your HID ballasts straight into old H9 light socket

35w Ballasts (12-24v)

55w Ballasts (12-24v)

70w Ballasts (12-24v)

75w Ballasts (12v)

120w Ballast (12v)

120w Ballast (24v)

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