Genuine OEM For Hyundai/Kia Oil Filter 26300-35504 & Plug Gasket 21513-23001 for Sale

Price: $7

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Replace Faulty OEM Oil Filter_Plug Gasket

Direct Fit Application, Check Fitment Chart

New in Original Box

1 Year Replacement Warranty!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee!


Enter complete Year, Make, Model, Trim, and Engine Size in Compatibility Chart Located just above the Item Specifics box at the top of the listing page.

**PLEASE NOTE: Some applications are still dependent on other information.

To reveal Important Part Details in the Compatibility Chart be sure to put your mouse over the IMPORTANT PART DETAILS BOX


*It is the responsibility of the purchaser to verify complete fitment*

Review Photo below for guidance.

If you are still unsure of the product you need, are unsure of what the part notes mean or do not see a compatible one for your vehicle, feel free to message or call us (305-971-4997) with the item number located where the yellow arrow is pointing and we will be more than glad to assist you with locating the correct part.

Vehicle Fitment

Replaces the Following Part Numbers

*It is the responsibility of the purchaser to verify complete fitment* Manufacture Number Manufacture Number AC-DELCO TP1057 AcDelco PF1127 AcDelco PF1177 AcDelco PF2192 AcDelco PF57 AcDelco X45 AcDelco X88 AcDelco X92 Allis-Chalmers 74920158 AP AP3249 Atlas M67 Atlas OF321 AutoExtra 61851334 AutoExtra 61851334MP AutoExtra 61857092 AutoExtra 61857092MP Autolite AL3593A AutoPride CF402AP AutoPride CF565AP Baldwin B1444 Baldwin B1735 Baldwin B227 Baldwin B245 Baldwin B301 Baldwin B488 Baldwin B608 Baldwin B7216 Baldwin B7243 Beck/Arnley 410571 Beck/Arnley 410639 Beck/Arnley 410706 Beck/Arnley 410724 Beck/Arnley 410734 Beck/Arnley 410738 Beck/Arnley 410760 Beck/Arnley 410768 Beck/Arnley 410778 Beck/Arnley 410784 Beck/Arnley 418073 Beck/Arnley 418074 Beck/Arnley 418075 Beck/Arnley 418080 Beck/Arnley 418151 Beck/Arnley 418163 Big A 92301 Big A 92334 Big A 92381 Big A LER160 Big A LER193 Big A LER194 Big A LER292 Big A LER4459 Bosch 1986452006 Bosch 3312 Bosch 451103099 Bosch 451103162 Bosch 72135 Bosch 72146 Bosch 72164 Bosch 72168 Bosch 986452007 Bosch 986452016 Bosch 986452907 Bosch 986452908 Bosch OF135 Bosch OF142 Bosch OF146 Bosch OF164 Bosch OF166 Canadian Tire 1717068 Canadian Tire 1717236 Canadian Tire 1717412 Canadian Tire 1718930 CarQuest 84092 CarQuest 85301 CarQuest 85334 CarQuest 85334MP CarQuest 85381 CarQuest B4459 CarQuest PF1006 CarQuest R84092 CarQuest R84092MP CarQuest R85334 CarQuest R85334MP Carrier Transicold 253520600 Case Ih N13844 Casite CF402 Casite CF565 CATERPILLAR 3I-1288 Cenex CO2808 Champion CL3593A Champion OF14 Champion OF20 Champion OF4459 Champion OF4459BP Champion OF4622BP Champion PH2802 Champion PH2805 Champion PH2869 Champion PH2876 Champion PH4459 Champion PL3593A CHAMPION ROAD 24346 Clark 3974113 Clark 3974113B Clark 6632745 Clark 6644015 Clark 6644121 Clark 6644210 Coopers Z478 Crosland 2027 Crosland 2031 Crosland 2065 Crosland 2071 Crosland 368 Defense DL9688 DELUXE WD-394 Denso 1501006 Denso 1501010 Deutsch D362 Donaldson P502009 Donaldson P550162 Ecogard X4459 Evergard E2808 Federated LF402F Federated LF565F Fiaam FT4947 Fiaam FT4993 Firestone TF2808 Firestone TF2856A Firestone TF2876 Firestone TF4459 Flag C6811 FLEETGUARD FS19520 Fleetguard LF3462 Fleetguard LF3494 Fleetguard LF3536 Fleetguard LF3537 Fleetguard LF3657 Fleetguard LF3776 Fleetguard LF3996 Fleetrite LFR83403 Fram PH3562 Fram PH3593 Fram PH3593A Fram PH3950 Fram PH4703 Fram PH5010A Fram PH6811 Fram PH9688 Fram PH9688PRO Fram TG9688 Fram XG9688 FVP R1334A G K Industries OF14459 G K Industries OF14610 Goodyear 2224519 Goodyear L4459 Group 7 V4459 Group 7 V4612 GUD Z79X Hastings 144A Hastings 146 Hastings LF144 Hastings LF239 Hastings LF389 Hastings LF402 Hastings LF484 Hastings LF565 Hastings LF585 Hastings P389 Hastings P402 HASTINGS WC16 Havoline TFC521 Hexen O2019 Iapco A0216002 Iapco A0238006 Iapco A0238008 Iapco A0250005 Iapco A0258002 Iapco OF11 Iapco OF25 Iapco OF61 IHC 1962769C1 IMC 9137003 IMC 9137003501 Interamerican Motor 11537001 ITM 1110300 ITM 1111107 ITM 1111108 ITM 1111109 ITM 1111111 Jiffy Lube HL6811 John Deere AM101378 John Deere M801002 John Deere M801209 John Deere M806419 K&N Filters HP1004 Komatsu 11966035150 Komatsu YM11966035150 Komatsu YM12915035150 Komatsu YM1966035150 Kubota 1524132092 Kubota 1627132090 Kubota 1627132092 Lazorlite DC135 Lazorlite L111007 Lazorlite L111384 Lazorlite L111392 Lazorlite L111422 Lazorlite L111759 Lazorlite L112208 Lazorlite LF2808 Lazorlite LF2808HP Lazorlite LF2809 Lazorlite LF2856 Lazorlite LF74 Lazorlite U111759 Lazorlite U112054 Magneti Marelli 1AMFL00003 Mann & Hummel W81180 Mann & Hummel W81185 Mann & Hummel W81299 Mann & Hummel W815 Mann & Hummel W81580 Mann-Filter ML1002 Mann-Filter W61082 Mann-Filter W81480 MasterPro 2PF1006 Mazda 037023802A Mazda 037023802B Mazda 230370 Mazda 32414300 Mazda 37023082 Mazda 37023802 Mazda 370238020 Mazda 3702380291 Mazda 37025802 Mazda 380872100 Mazda 81314300 Mazda AM1514302 Mazda AM1515302 Mazda B63014300 Mazda B63014302 Mazda B6Y014300 Mazda B6Y014302 Mazda B6Y01430291 Mazda B8Y014302 Mazda LF807 Mazda LF908 Mazda LFS807 Mazda N23123802 Mazda N231238020 Mazda N2312380291 Mazda N32123802 Mazda N3Y614302 Mazda N3Y61430291 Mazda N3Y623802 Mazda RF7914302 Mazda RFY214302 Micro-Gard MGL9688 Microgreen MG2017 Mighty M2856 Mighty M3562 Mighty M3950 Mighty M3985 Mighty M3985SP Mighty M4459 Mighty M4459SP Mighty M4612 Mileguard MO6607 Mileguard MO9688 OEM 07K905715 OEM 26300-35504 OEM Chrysler 4186267 OEM Chrysler 4494477 OEM Chrysler 83501900 OEM Chrysler L327V OEM Chrysler L331 OEM Chrysler MD031805 OEM Chrysler MD136790 OEM Chrysler T0727478 OEM Chrysler T1349725 OEM Ford 5011991 OEM Ford 5012574 OEM Ford 649008 OEM Ford E7GE6731A OEM Ford E7GZ6731A OEM Ford E8BZ6731A OEM Ford E9GZ6731A OEM Ford E9GZ6731B OEM Ford E9ZZ6731A OEM General Motors 12337532 OEM General Motors 25013451 OEM General Motors 7984990 OEM General Motors 93156093 OEM General Motors 94149418 OEM General Motors 94430411 OEM Honda 15400111003 OEM Honda 15400611003 OEM Honda 15400679023 OEM Honda 15400PR3003 OEM Honda 15400PR3004 OEM Honda 15410JM0003 OEM Honda 15410MJ0003 OEM Honda 15410ZJA99AH OEM Hyundai 2630035500 OEM Hyundai 2630035501 OEM Hyundai 2630035A00 OEM Hyundai 263202 OEM Hyundai/KIA 21513-23001 OEM Isuzu 8931567500 OEM Isuzu 8941494180 OEM Isuzu 8942017422 OEM Isuzu 8942435020 OEM Isuzu 8942435021 OEM Isuzu 8944110840 OEM Isuzu 8944110841 OEM Isuzu 8944304110 OEM Isuzu 8944304111 OEM Isuzu 942435020 OEM KIA 2630035502 OEM KIA 2630035503 OEM KIA 2650035501 OEM Mitsubishi 9122000500 OEM Mitsubishi D001450 OEM Mitsubishi MD005445 WELLS C1627

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