GP Thunder II 7500K H8 Xenon Halogen Light Bulb 35W White ON SALES for Sale

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Brand New in Protective Boxes
The All-New GP Thunder 7500K
Super-White Xenon Quartz Glass Bulbs
H8 35W

Part#: SGP75-H8

For Plasma Xenon Headlight Low/High Beam Bulbs/Fog Light/Running Light

This is for one pair of H8. Total 2 bulbs.


Standard Wattage

High Wattage

H1 55W H1 100W H3 55W H3 100W H4 (9003) 55W/60W Lo/Hi Beams H4 (9003) 90W/100W Lo/Hi Beams H7 55W H7 100W H8 35W N/A H9 65W N/A H10 42W N/A H11 55W N/A H13 (9008) 55/60W Lo/Hi Beams N/A 9004 (HB1) 45W/65W Lo/Hi Beams 9004 (HB1) 80/100W Lo/Hi Beams 9005 (HB3) 65W 9005 (HB3) 100W 9006 (HB4) 55W 9006 (HB4) 80W 9007 (HB5) 55W/65W Lo/Hi Beams 9007 (HB5) 80/100W Lo/Hi Beams


  • GP Thunder bulbs are made of fused quartz glass so they can produce high generating power even though they are just smaller.
  • They have excellent heat shock-resistance and they won't be broken even though they have water on their surface when they light on
  • GP Thunder bulbs also prevent any damage to the lens and wiring harness because their newest design
  • GP Thunder bulbs have a longer life because they contain Xenon and Krypton gases
  • GP Thunder bulbs have high performance quartz bulb w/special coating to reach color temperature 7500K super white

45 day replacement warranty for defective GP Thunder bulbs only. Free replacement if under warranty. Refund is also available if you are not completely satisfied within 10 days.

Please keep in mind "DO NOT" touch the bulb glass surface while installation. Your fingerprint may cause damage to the bulbs when you turn on the light.

Return Policy: All returns due to the wrong purchasing, mistake or change of mind are subject to a 50% deduction of the original purchase price (shipping fee is not refundable), the fee is to cover the 2 way shipping fees for shipping to you and getting back. Please read the description thoroughly to ensure it is the right product for you, to ensure you get the right bulb for the right application, please check the vehicle compatible list, even it fit doesn't mean it fit the right lamp you plan to replace. Please read the notes for the right application of the lamps, sometimes it is for the fog light and you intend to order the headlight. Please feel free to ask if you have any question prior placing the order. Thanks!

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