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GMC Intake Supercharger Kit Turbo Chip Performance for Sale

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GMC Intake Supercharger Kit Turbo Chip Performance

Price: $170

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GTE 5PSI Electric Supercharger Kit - Dual Blade

Our Electric supercharger is designed for enthusiasts looking for additional power but are not ready to buy an expensive turbo kit or supercharger kit which can void their vehicles warranty, cost upwards of $5000 and require additional maintenance. You won't have to worry about these things with our electric system. It may require small modifications to mount the charger on your air intake line, but it can always be reversed.It can be installed by most people with basic tools and no prior automotive knowledge.

*** This product is NOT PLUG & PLAY! Please read/understand this before you purchase! ***

What is included with this purchase?

  • Built-in secondary fan inside the air filter for tornado/vortex effect
  • 900+ Watt Motor
  • Safely generates up to 5 PSI of boost
  • Laser Cut 10 Blade Turbine with Rigid metal
  • Spools at 20,000 RPMs+
  • Maximum Boost in less than 1/10 of a second
  • 2” – 3.5” Rubber Couplers - Allow you to install on various vehicles with various piping
  • High-Flow Air Filter Unique Design *Optional
  • Step-by-step Installation Guide in Manual
  • Metal Securing Clamps

Will this fit my car?

Since there are so many variations in engine sizes, vehicle types and your current modifications, it is important to take a peak at your engine bay and determine if there is enough space for such device. This device can work with stock air boxes or an existing air intake. Keep in mind you may need to make adjustments and use clamps to make the charger fit. Further, since this device is only designed to work under full throttle, you either have to run the switch inside your car through the firewall or mount the switch in a way so it turns on the charger at full throttle. Full throttle means when you car is floored or almost floored. This device is not designed to be on for more than 30 seconds at a time. It needs about 5-10 seconds after every 30 seconds for cool down. Don't let that bother you, keep in mind most vehicles will go 120+ MPH in 30 seconds.

What are the power gains?

The power gains will vary depending on engine size and current modifications. Most cars will expect anywhere from 10-20% power gains including extra torque.

What if I have an exisiting intake?

This is not a problem. If there is enough space at the end of your intake, you simply mount this product where the original air filter was. However, if you have limited space, then you must shorten your air intake by cutting it.

Do I need anything else?

It is possible you may need extra rubber clamps and or aluminum fittings. It all depends on the vehicle. Unfortunately we cannot test fit this product to every vehicle, so it’s important to know you may need to run to the hardware store in same cases.

What is the difference of this charger and those cheaper products on ?

Keep in mind some sellers on are selling boat blowers as electric superchargers. This product was specifically designed for this application. Many sellers sell inferior kits put together in their basement and call it an electric supercharger. For this reason we are the only seller that includes a serial code on the box, ensuring it’s authentic.

What is the warranty?

We offer lifetime warranty on the motor and parts. If you ever have a problem, just email us.

What if I buy and want to return it?

No problem, this is why we offer 30 day money back policy. Keep in mind we do not refund the original shipping costs. Its also your responsibility to mail it back to us. We feel customer should only keep a product they like. This is why we make returns easy. We kindly ask please never leave us any negative response.

Can you ship international?

Yes, we ship USPS Priority Mail International - Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. If you need this item quickly please select Express shipping which is usually 7-10 days. For shipping costs click the Tab near top of this page called "Shipping".


We strive for FIVE STAR Service in our descriptions, communication, shipping speed & costs! We know you have many choices on , and are most appreciative that you have chosen to shop with us.You can offer and purchase with confidence, as WE are not satisfied until YOU are satisfied with your purchase! If YOU are not satisfied, please let us know so we can make it right! As you can see from our response, we take great pride in our packing and prompt shipping! We ship with USPS regular mail for fast delivery. Whenever possible we commit to shipping within 48 hours of receipt of your payment, and do NOT charge any additional shipping or handling fees.Please email us through "MY MESSAGES" if you have any questions about our listings or inventory!

Message for International Buyers

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Payment method:
  • Paypal which takes all credit cards and banks

Things to make sure when you are sending the payment:

  • When you make the payment, Please make sure the following information is included:
    - Customer's full name
    - Customer's shipping address that accepts USPS Mail, which is your regular mail man. Yes, we can ship to PO BOX and APO/AE addresses!
    - item number of the sale you won
  • Please make sure the correct amount is paid. Please notice that there are different shipping and handling fees for different areas, so please make sure the shipping and handling fee you pay is the correct amount.

Shipping Methods we use:

  • USPS First class
  • USPS Priority
  • USPS International First class mail / USPS International Priority mail

When we will use it Transist time Tracking number USPS First class - When the item is under 13 oz About 1-7 business days Yes USPS Priority - When the item is over 3 lbs, and being shipped to any 50 states. About 1-5 business days Yes USPS International First Class
USPS International Priority - When the item is over 3 lbs, and being shipped to foreign countries including Canada. About 7-20 business days to other countries Partial USPS Express (EMS) - When the item is over 3 lbs, and being shipped to foreign countries including Canada. About 6-10 business days to other countries Yes For all U.S. Domestic Purchases

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3. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, you can send it back within 30 days of purchase for a refund. Please note, we will refund you minus shipping costs. Shipping goes to the post office, so we cannot refund this. We do not charge any restocking fee. You are responsible for the return shipping costs. Items must be in new condition. If items are used looking, we may have to refuse refunds.

For Canada and International Purchases
  • All refunds must be received within 30 days of sales date. We cannot refund customers past 30 days.
  • All refunds are minus our shipping costs. We do not refund original shipping fee's. Customer must pay for return shipping.
  • All return items must be in brand new condition and go thru our return process before returning. Items returned without notifying us will put on hold until we receive customer's contact.
  • Digital pictures are required in most cases to show how the product is damaged, or how the fitment is not right. It is for our record to claim from the courier company or from our wholesaler, so please understand it is a necessary process for us.
  • All shipping and handling fees are non-refundable.
  • Please inspect your order upon receipt. No claims will be honored after 10 days of delivery.
  • Most of our items do not come with installation guide, so professional installation is highly recommended for perfect fitment and performance.
  • Buyer assumes all risk on shipment and usage.
  • Who pays for shipping? - Damaged on arrival Seller will pay for replacement *Need Pictures - Possible Fitment issues Customer will pay for return and original shipping costs. - Wrong Item Seller will pay for replacement *Need Pictures If item is lost in transit..... Seller will pay, but need to verify address is correct. If item is returned because of not providing a valid USPS address, then customer must pay for reshipment. If customer purchased the wrong item. Customer will pay for return and original shipping costs. Contact Us We will only reply to our inbox, so please use contact seller link to contact with us. All emails sent to our email address mail box will be auto-replied, and we kindly ask our customer to send the message again thru . There are couple reasons we only reply message thru ; first of all, will filter out all junk mail for us, so that it is safe for us to communicate only to people who are interested in our products; secondly, will have record of the previous messages, so it is easier for us to follow up what is going on for the story.Please allow us 48 hours to reply to your emails when there are holidays or it is the weekend.

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